Celebrate National Fruit at Work Day

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You’ve been waiting all year for it—now the time has arrived.  

That’s right, the 4th annual National Fruit at Work Day is here! Tuesday, October 2, 2018, marks this not-so-solemn observance that celebrates the joys and benefits of eating fruit at work.

There’s no better way to fuel your busy workday. After all, consuming fruit can lead to improved mental clarity, increased productivity, and better health. That’s good news not just for individual fruit lovers but for employers as well, since a happy and energized workforce is good for the bottom line. Working people consume more than 50 percent of their daily food intake at the office too, which is why incorporating better snacking options for employees is a necessity rather than a perk.

The FruitGuys has been fueling healthy businesses of all sizes since 1998, when we helped pioneer the employee wellness movement. Today, as the leading national fruit delivery company, providing fresh fruit daily and weekly across the United States, we see the impact and delight our deliveries bring to our customers. We launched National Fruit at Work Day in 2014 to help spread the bounty.  

Make It Musical with #FruitKaraoke
This year we’re raising the stakes—and pumping up the volume—by hosting a fruit-themed karaoke contest! Four lucky winners will take home a karaoke station for their team or office.  

Getting in on the action is easy and fun: just download one of the three different beats on our website: hip-hop, rock, or country. Then get creative! Write your own fruit-themed lyrics, film yourself and/or your officemates performing your tune, then post your video to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the #FruitKaraoke hashtag.

The deadline for submissions is the end of the day (PST) Tuesday, October 2, 2018—and multiple entries are encouraged. We’ll award four prizes total, one for each song category and one for best overall song. Winners will be announced the week of October 8.

We’ll also compile an audio playlist of our favorite tunes and make them available for purchase! All proceeds will go to The FruitGuys Community Fund, which provides grants to small farms and agricultural nonprofits for big-impact sustainability projects.

So mark your calendars and be sure to celebrate—with a song—our National Fruit at Work Day, the most a-peeling holiday of the year!

And if you’re new to The FruitGuys, get in on the fun: sign up now and get 50% off your first two deliveries.


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