November 19, 2009
We want to thank all the generous FruitGuys clients who forwarded their holiday crates to those in need through our Donate-A-Crate program. More than 180 crates - that’s 7,300 pieces of fruit - were sent to food-banks and programs for families in need between the Thanksgiving and New Years holidays...
November 19, 2009
A hearty contingent of FruitGuys (with friends and families in tow) went to Gabriel Farm in Sebastopol, CA this weekend to help farmer Torrey Olson plant new trees. Part Fresh-Air fund, part Farm Steward project, planting pear trees with Torrey was a great excuse to get out to the country and help...
November 19, 2009
Bees and the pollination they provide are essential to growing fruits and veggies but their numbers have mysteriously declined in the past decade, so FruitGuys News has started a Bee Beat to cover these unsung farm heroes. We've reported on the FruitGuys Farm Steward beehive program and the Bees vs...


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