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Ode to Grav Grower Walker Family Stuck Through Boom and Bust
By Pia Hinckle

Lee Walker has been farming with his family in their Graton, CA apple orchard his whole life, except for a tour in the army and a few years playing pro baseball. Lee has kept growing Gravensteins through both the thick and the thin skinned times of the apple business. Lee almost gave up on the Grav himself, read the full story here.


The Skinny on Fat Focus on Waist Reduction for Better Health By Pia Hinckle

Not all fat is created equal. If you’ve a gained a few extra pounds, you should know that where you carry that weight could put you at greater risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Where to watch? Your waist.


Stonefruit Preserves How to Make Stonefruit Jam or Butter
By Linda Corso

Making jam and fruit butter is one of the best ways to preserve the flavors of summer. There’s something wonderful about a fresh apricot jam sandwich in December. Jams are generally crushed or chopped fruit, with sugar and sometimes pectin. Fruit butters are fruits that are cooked for a long period of time until reduced to a thick buttery consistency. How to make stonefruit jam or stonefruit butter here.


Summer Drinks
Fresh herbs and fruit dress up summer beverages
By Nicole Claro-Quinn

Think of your favorite summer tastes—mint, berries, basil, melon, rosemary, cucumber, lavender, or thyme—and imagine them in an elixir of your making. You don’t have to be a mixologist to make a unique and delicious drink tailored to your taste buds. Recipes for using fresh herbs and fruit to make your own summer beverages.


Q: Can I get office fruit delivered to my home? And can I get a home veggie box delivered to my office?

A: Yes and yes! You can order the same fruit you love at the office to be delivered to your home (or to your office in an easy-to-carry TakeHome case). See our TakeHome program for details and pricing, or contact us at or 877-FRUIT-ME (877-378-4863) and we can set it up for you in a jiffy. You may be eligible for price discounts or special offers if your company has weekly fruit deliveries. Call for more information. We deliver nationwide.

Try our TakeHome FV (fruit & veggie) case. A fabulous mix of organic fruits and veggies that is the perfect size for 2–4 people. Because The FruitGuys supports many small local farms that also have CSAs, each week you will enjoy the best of the best from several farms. We include a photo ID guide to everything in the case, tell you where it was grown, and include recipes on how to use the produce. Visit The FruitGuys Almanac to see recipes based on our case mixes.


Contact us at with any questions at 877-FRUIT-ME (877-378-4863) or
More Frequently Asked Questions here.


A quick look at what’s in season for the rest of August and early September from each of The FruitGuys four regional hubs.We have a network of family farms in each area so we can source locally whenever seasonally possible for our office fruit crates and home fruit and veggie cases. See exactly what's in your region this week at

Passion fruit will be making an appearance in all our facilities mid to late September.

WEST:  August is such an exciting time of year in California, there is so much to harvest!  Stone fruit is still in full force, with lots of peaches and nectarines (yellow, white, clingstone, and freestone), plums, and pluots.  California apricots and cherries are done, but the fresh crop Washington stone fruit is going strong. California apples and pears are beginning, so keep your eyes peeled for Heart of the Valley Orchard’s Gala apples out of Santa Cruz, and organic Galas from Coco Ranch in Dixon.  Jelich Ranch will have organic Bartletts starting soon out of Portola Valley, and Johnson Family Orchard in Ukiah has begun harvest on their Starkrimson and Bartlett pears.Gravenstein apples are in, so get your pie pans and applesauce jars ready!  Speaking of canning, more heirloom and San Marzano tomatoes will be harvested in August, with plenty of basil, oregano, and parsley too.  More phenomenal spinach, lettuce, and potatoes from Freewheelin' Farm, and more killer kale from First Light Farms. Asian pears and yellow string beans from Yellow Wall Farm, as well as early jalapeno peppers from Judy as well. We'll have seedless red flame grapes to tantalize the taste buds too!

In September, grapes will still be going strong, and there will be many apple and pear varieties to choose from. Stone fruit will be winding down, and summer vegetable crops will linger through September.  Heirloom tomatoes will be finishing up, but great fall veggies will be beginning; keep an eye out for more exceptional veggies from Mariquita Farm.

CENTRAL: Mick Klug Farm has several varieties of plums on the horizon (such as Red Heart and Dunkelberg) as well as some smaller nectarines.  Peaches will be around for a few more weeks, but not many, as the spring freeze as well as drought conditions have drastically reduced crops this year. Also from Mick Klug Farm, Bartlett pears and apples will be harvested soon. Zestar’s are the first apples to arrive on the scene from Mick Klug’s and they will be followed by Golden Supreme’s and Golden Delicious.  Again, the crop this year is very low due to the weather challenges, but we will get as much as we can, as their apples are always delicious.

Lehman’s Orchard will have cherry tomatoes, then red supersweet 100's, gold-yellows, Roma, then grape tomatoes through mid to late September.  As for veggies - kale, beets, cucumbers, peppers, onions, carrots, eggplant, string beans, and summer squashes (8 ball and patty pans) are being harvested and are looking great!

EAST: We'll start to see lots of local apples in August, including Gala, Ginger Gold, Honeycrisp, and some early Fuji's.  Kauffman's Fruit Farm (Bird-in-Hand, PA) will have Green Bartlett pears. Look for early Bosc pears and the end of the peaches and plums. Beechwood Orchards (Biglerville, PA) will have grapes. Tomatoes, everything from heirlooms to Sun Golds, cherry and Romas, will be in. For veggies, sweet corn is winding down but eggplant and and winter squash will be plentiful.

On the East Coast in September, we'll have many delicious apple varieties including Cortland, Fuji, Empire, Ida Red, Empire, and Smokehouse from Kauffman's Fruit Farm. We'll have yellow Bartlett pears from Three Springs Fruit Farm (Aspers, PA). Tomatoes and cucumbers will be finishing up, but kale and fresh herbs will be back.

SOUTHWEST: While we work on building local farm connections near our Phoenix hub, we are pulling most of our produce from California. We will have some apples from English Family Orchards in Wilcox, AZ, in our organic boxes.

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gravenstein box


Free Recipe of the Week: Gravenstein Apple Tart Free Recipe: Gravenstein Apple Tart

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Great Animal Orchestra - Bernie Krause
Aug 18
Point Reyes, CA

Philadelphia Honey Festival
Sep 7-9
Philadelphia, PA

Prickly Pear Culinary Festival
Aug 25
Superior, AZ

More fun things to do here.

Enjoy and be fruitful!