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New Year, New Fitness Classes
Making Sense of Group Fitness
By Rebecca Taggart

The New Year brings with it our New Year’s hopes and resolutions.  If more exercise is on your list, why not try a new class at the gym to liven up your routine?  Zumba anyone? BodyPump? TRX? Whatever happened to weightlifting, ballet, and yoga, you may ask. There are dozens of new group fitness program classes out there and figuring out what they all are can be an obstacle to trying them. Here we’ve summarized the ones currently most popular in many gyms and give you an idea of what to expect so you can decide if it might be right for you.


Going Bananas  Operating Instructions for America’s Favorite Fruit  By Chris Mittelstaedt

Long before I started wearing a banana suit to encourage people to eat more of them, American consumers were instructed in how to peel and eat the famous Cavendish, or sweet, banana:  “It is eaten raw, either alone or cut in slices with sugar and cream, or wine and orange juice.  It is also roasted, fried or boiled, and is made into fritters, preserves and marmalades... They are found in our markets from March to October,” reads the entry in the 1878 Domestic Cyclopaedia of Practical Information.

Back then, they were an elusive and probably expensive novelty in the U.S. Today, bananas are literally the most popular fruit consumed in America, with each person eating an average of 27 pounds of bananas per year. Read about how bananas grow and why they are so good for you here.


Taking Canning to the Next Level
Using Pectin is Key to Jams and Jellies
By Erin Mittelstaedt

Canning helps us make new family traditions and memories. This year it was a kitchen covered in splashes of red pomegranate juice; mashing batches of persimmons to music; and making massive amounts of spaghetti sauce with my brother’s family, kids and all. I often hear stories like these from canners about how canning brings family and friends together throughout the seasons. I love canning because it is a practical and creative activity that has so many benefits: not only does it minimize waste, but it also allows us to make seasonal produce last well past its harvest. Tips on canning with pectin plus a recipe for Hot Pepper Jelly here.


Baby, It's Dark Outside
By Heidi Lewis

It sure is dark here in winter. But consider how dark it is in the rest of the universe. The universe is estimated to be 95% dark energy and dark matter; only 5% is ordinary matter, things like: us, planets, suns, asteroids, space stations, and galactic gas. NASA posits dark energy as being a “property of space.” Not much is known about it, other than how it impacts the universe’s expansion. A 2011 survey of around 200,000 galaxies confirmed the existence of dark matter, which is even less understood. According to NASA: “We are much more certain what dark matter is not than we are what it is.” In light of that, it feels reassuring to be in our cozy little solar system with our trusty sun, Sol. Read about the winter solstice here.


Persimmon Weather
By Heidi Lewis

A herald of winter in many regions is the persimmon. Where the rain or even sleet has begun, the bare persimmon tree, with its orange ornaments, makes a striking silhouette against the grey horizon. These fruits can stand a chill; as the old farmer saying goes, “Persimmons grow where mangos fear to tread.” Don't know the difference between a Hachiya and a Fuyu persimmon? Find out here, plus tips for eating and cooking with persimmons.


Free Recipe of the Week: Caramelized Banana Free Recipe: Caramelized Banana

1 ripe banana

Peel banana and cut in half, along horizontal axis.
Heat a skillet large enough for the bananas slices and add a pat of butter.
When the butter begins to bubble, add the banana slices.
Keeping heat medium-low, cook banana slices until they begin to brown, then turn them with a spatula.
When both sides are a caramel brown and the banana flesh looks almost translucent, remove.
Serve hot and enjoy. More seasonal recipes here!


Donate-A-Crate 2011 Fed Thousands
By Pia Hinckle

During the 2011 holiday season, generous FruitGuys' customers provided thousands of people fresh fruit at 22 community-based organizations across the country. Charities ranging from regional food banks to homeless shelters to those that support seniors and people with serious illnesses received fruit. The FruitGuys Donate-A-Crate program allows clients to pick a charity group in their region and send their fruit to it rather than cancel deliveries during the holidays. See our report on holiday donations here.

Get Healthy in 2012!
We want to help you with your new year's resolutions

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TEDx Changing the Way We Eat Webcast
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Jan 21

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Jan 12
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Beekeeping Class
Jan 21
Chicago, IL

Philly Water's Best Friend: Spokesdog Competition
Apply by Feb 15
Philadelphia, PA

Slow Food Tomato Fest
Feb 11
Phoenix, AZ

More fun things to do here.

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Enjoy and be fruitful!