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The Power of Citrus
Citrus Shown to Protect Against Many Diseases
By Rebecca Taggart

Once upon a time in the Victorian era, citrus fruits were rare and expensive, a delicacy to be enjoyed only on special occasions. Earlier still, the presence of oranges or lemons literally could make the difference between life and death for sailors suffering from scurvy on long voyages. Today, we take oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, lemons, and limes for granted, drinking their juice or eating their flesh as a snack, without batting an eye. Now, as then, oranges and other citrus are delicious snacks that include powerful nutrients and antioxidants and provide multiple health benefits, including reducing the risk of some cancers, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. How to enjoy the benefits of natural Vitamin C here.


The Lemon Lady
Karen Morss Traded Silicon and Lemons
By Heidi Lewis

Karen Morss is called the Lemon Lady. She started her suburban Emerald Hills, CA (San Mateo County), organic citrus farm, Lemon Ladies Orchard, in 2004. She has done her part breaking glass ceilings in boardrooms and the wild blue yonder with careers as a software entrepreneur and the owner of a flight school geared toward women. She even tried her hand at screenwriting, when she developed a script about the Wright Brothers’ sister, Katharine Wright. Now she’s an orchardist, or orchardess, as she calls herself. Our profile of Karen Morss, the Lemon Lady, here.


Free Recipe of the Week: Winter Citrus Salad Free Recipe: Winter Citrus Salad

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Open the Door
Four Office Doorway Stretches
By Rebecca Taggart

Open the door to relieving stiffness by trying these four simple stretches, using any available doorway. These stretches are particularly good after a too-long session seated at your computer.

These four stretches can be done in less than five minutes and help ease tension and relax muscle groups. Take a break from your computer with these four simple stretches you can do in any doorway.


February on a California Farm
By Paul Muller of Full Belly Farm Courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop

It is a fine Sunday morning. The sun is shining on a windless, cloudless blue sky. The light frost last night kissed crops with the cold they need to be sweet and slow growing. Late December and early January are historically our biggest roll of the farming dice. See how this winter's weather affected crops at Full Belly Farm in Capay Valley, CA.


The Acorn Economy
Squash is good all winter long
By Heidi Lewis

Have you noticed how the mighty oaks rain down their crops of shiny acorns on us in fits of boom or bust? Some years they pelt us with their bounty, making it feel like we’re walking on marbles and that hard hats are a requirement—and other years, nothing. The rhyme or reason to these patterns is one of nature’s mysteries. Weather lore and acorn squash preparation tips here.


Red Navel Gazing
By Chris Mittelstaedt

Citrus season is in full swing now, with all sorts of farm-fresh specialty fruit coming in. We’re seeing everything from Navel Oranges to Satsumas to Clementines to Ruby Red Grapefruits to Cara-Caras. We’re also cycling in Murcotts, Minneolas, and a host of other citrus varieties as well. If you don’t recognize them, go to to view your crate’s contents by region (West, Southwest, Central, or East), and we’ll show you what’s inside. Now—about those Cara-Caras.

Read FruitGuys CEO & Founder Chris Mittelstaedt's innovation column on
This week: The Stealthiest Start-up Killer: Hubris 

The biggest threat to your start-up is the one you can’t see. No, I’m not talking about competitors that sneak up on you. Those eventually become obvious—albeit sometimes too late. This threat is the one you never saw coming. In fact, even after you crash and burn you still might not recognize it. The stealthiest start-up killer is your own hubris.


Winter Farm Conferences
Sustainability, Resources, Food Safety are Hot Topics
By Heidi Lewis

The conferences “help us understand the issues that farms may be dealing with and the trends they are seeing, which in turn helps us better work with our farmers and helps inform our efforts around Good Works and Farm Stewardship,” says Erin Mittelstaedt, The FruitGuys VP of Operations.

Nationwide, the larger topic for 2012 is the survival of the organic family farmer: how to preserve affordable farmland, and the task of transferring retiring family farms to younger farmers, sometimes not related to the owners. A large percentage of U.S. farmers are retiring but their children are not taking up the mantle. However, farming as a livelihood has captured the imagination, willpower, and strength of a whole new generation of young people who are looking for farms to take over or continue. Read about the winter farm conferences we attended here.

Ask The FruitGuys: Fruit Quality Grab Bag

Customer Service Answers Some Fruit Quality Questions

Winter can bring some challenges to keeping fruit at the appropriate temperatures during transport. Our buyers, packers, and delivery people do their best to keep fruit protected from extreme temperature exposure. But if your fruit ever doesn't look right, please give us a call at 1-877-FRUIT-ME (877-378-4863) and we will make it right for you. Our job here at The FruitGuys is to keep you happy.

Here are answers to some fruit quality questions:

Q: Why are my bananas green?
A: Our goal is to deliver bananas that are yellow with a light green tip. This color indicates the stage at which a banana will be both sweet and firm. Because bananas become yellower, softer and sweeter as they ripen (their starches convert to sugar) we feel that this yellow with green tip color allows for the maximum number of days for the banana to be both enjoyable and tasty in your office as it ripens. Sometimes, because of temperature or humidity conditions, bananas may not ripen as quickly as we anticipated during the few hours between the time of packing your box and delivering it to you. If this is the case and you are unhappy with the banana color, please call us and we will replace them. As an FYI - greener bananas will ripen to yellow if left at room temperature. To help speed the ripening process, put bananas in a paper bag along with an apple overnight. The natural ethylene gas coming from the apple will help ripen your bananas. If you have any other questions or concerns about this very delicate fruit, please let us know as our goal is to always make sure that you are happy and enjoying our fruit. Just call 1-877-FRUIT-ME (877-378-4863) or email us at

Q: Why do bananas turn black?
A: Bananas are sub-tropical fruits and are very delicate. They can be easily damaged by extreme temperatures, hot or cold. If bananas are turning black then most likely the fruit was exposed to extreme cold temperatures. If this ever happens to any FruitGuys bananas, please call us and we will send you a replacement or refund right away.

Q: Why are some tangerines so soft?
A: If you see a squishy and wrinkled tangerine in your mix it just may be a delicious Satsuma mandarin. Satsumas are the Shar-pei of the fruit world and often have a wrinkly and soft outer skin. They are naturally easy to peel (just turn it over and push down in the bottom center of the skin with your finger and it will open with a "pop"). Remember -- Satsumas outer skin is meant to be puffy and soft. It does not mean there is anything wrong with the tangerine. The actual fruit inside will be firm and super delicious!

More Frequently Asked Questions here.


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fruit mixWHAT'S IN SEASON?
We work with local growers in multiple areas of the United States and our fruit mixes vary by region. Mixes can change quickly due to weather and other farm circumstances. To find out exactly what's available for you, go to our mix page and select your delivery region and box variety.

Enjoy and be fruitful!