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Yoga For Aching Backs Poses Can Make You Feel Better
By Rebecca Taggart

Sitting at a desk all day?  Driving a long commute, or maybe simply rolled out of bed a little funny?  Backache afflicts 90 percent of all U.S. adults at some point in their lives, and 50 percent report having back pain at least once a year. For the regular, non-chronic type of back pain that can result from a tweak bending forward or from sitting too long, a simple yoga routine can bring relief at home or work. Five simple yoga poses you can do anywhere.


The King’s Food
Stehly Farms Organics Grow Sleek Avocados
By Heidi Lewis

Recently we asked avocado farmer Noel Stehly of Stehly Farms Organics in Valley Center, CA: Q: If an avocado were an animal, what would it be? A: It would be a jaguar because it is sleek and beautiful.

That’s quite fitting for an avocado, as it is an ancient fruit of the Aztec where jaguars were totemic, the Jaguar warriors being the elite guards. Those of us who adore the avocado can understand why the Aztecs treasured it and considered it “king’s food.” The nutritional value of avocados, plus more on this sustainable avocado farm here.



Kitchen Plastics Guide
How to Identify Safe Food Storage Products
By Rebecca Taggart

Last month we wrote about plastics and the potential health hazards some can present for food preparation and storage because of the inclusion of the chemicals biphenyl-A (BPA) and phthalates. Here we show you ways to identify plastics to help determine which are safe and provide resources on popular brands of food storage products. See which numbers to look for in the triangle on plastics here.




Dinner by Candlelight
Making Your Own Beeswax Candles is Fun & Easy
By Heidi Lewis

We were in the mood for mellow. There is nothing like a home-cooked meal on a table set with care and illuminated by candles. So at the latest little social gathering, I broke out the beeswax. Not for waxing our surfboards, but for making candles. Dipping beeswax taper candles is a really pleasant craft activity for a small group on a rainy night. The activity is simple, there’s the nice smell of beeswax in the house, and you get some nice candles out of the deal. Easy instructions for how to make beeswax candles here.


Sweet as Ataulfo Honey
By Chris Mittelstaedt

When I first heard someone say “Ataulfo,” I nearly said “Gesundheit!” The Ataulfo mango is sometimes referred to as the “champagne mango.” And it makes me think of that line from the Van Morrison song: “She’s as sweet as Tupelo honey,” except I sing it as: “She’s as sweet as Ataulfo honey-mango.” It generally annoys everyone in the vicinity of my voice. Nonetheless, this mango is sweet like a love song. Learn how to pick out and cut a mango here.


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Mar 12
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Polar Bear Plunge
Mar 6
Chicago, IL

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Enjoy and be fruitful!