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Lunch is the Gateway
9 Lunch Ideas to Improve your Diet
By Rebecca Taggart

Breakfast is touted as being the most important meal of the day, but lunch—be it a homemade sandwich or a restaurant meal—gives us the energy for the afternoon’s work as well as an often-needed break from the computer, sales floor, or meetings. Lunch is also a great opportunity to improve your diet, increase nutrition, and maintain a healthy weight. Here are nine great lunch ideas to inspire you.


Building A Strong Core
Yoga for Abdominal Fitness By Rebecca Taggart

Bathing suit season is approaching, but that’s not the only reason to focus on your abdominal muscles. These muscles, part of our “core” around the pelvis, hips, and waist, bring stability and balance—keeping them strong is also important for preventing lower back pain and injuries. Tired of sit-ups or bicycle crunches? The following four yoga poses will keep the different muscles of your core healthy and strong.


Help Wanted: Pollinators
By Heidi Lewis

It’s spring. Blossoms are abundant. Time to get pollinating in the fruit orchards. But since colony collapse disorder has been decimating the honeybee population, we’ll have to look outside the organization for some help. As they say in the bee biz, “No bees, no honey; no work, no money.” Read about types of pollinators and how to help them here.


Your Sun at Work
Dried Fruit Stores Sweetness
By Heidi Lewis

Fruit dried on the vine or in the sun is the most ancient of food preservation methods known to humanity—and it’s still practiced today. Using the sun and the free hot air to dry fruit is another way farmers can be sustainable. It’s an efficient use of excess fruit that isn’t made into juice or jams. All about dried fruit, and how to enjoy it here.

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FruitGuys CEO & Founder Chris Mittelstaedt's  innovation column on
This week: How Not to Crash & Burn in Business

Reading entrepreneurial success stories can only help you so much. Want a better perspective on the inevitable challenges you'll face? Study the failures.

Just ask my dad. As a commercial-rated pilot, nuclear engineer, business teacher, and ex-Navy submariner, he likes to study National Transportation Safety Board reports of accidents. His entire professional life has been about managing efficient operational systems, so when systems fail he finds it illuminating.

And studying flight mistakes is a good place to start – the same kinds of decisions that can lead a plane to crash can also cause your business to take a nosedive. See the five flight lessons I learned from my dad that are just as relevant to business. 


Ask The FruitGuys

Q: Why do some citrus have seeds and some don’t?

A: We asked tangerine farmer Emily Thacher Ayala from Friends Ranch in Ojai, CA. She told us that seedlessness in citrus is a naturally-occuring genetic mutation. In the last century, growers have selected and grown more varieties that have few or no seeds, which many consumers seem to prefer. When a farmer finds a variety by chance that does not make seeds, they can cut buds from those trees and graft them to make new ones. There are no genetically-engineered citrus. Seeds are used to grow the rootstock but the seedless variety can be grafted on to it.

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Earth Day
April 22nd

Going Against The Grain: A DIY Fair
April 15th, noon-5pm
Chicago, IL

Capay Valley Olive Oil Experience
April 21st
Esparto, CA

5K Run for Clean Air
April 21st
Philadelphia, PA

Great Arizona Picnic
April 21st - 22nd
Scottsdale, AZ

More fun things to do in April here.

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