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Bee Report
Medicine from the Hive By Heidi Lewis

The Fifth Annual Bee Symposium, held in March in Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma County), was a hive of activity and learning. Bee products have been used for centuries as tonics and health enhancers. Apitherapy is the medicinal use of bee products. Read more about the possible health benefits of bee products here.


Seedless Citrus  Why do some citrus have seeds and some don’t?

To find out, The FruitGuys asked Emily Thacher Ayala, farmer at Friends’ Ranch in Ojai, CA (Santa Barbara County). Friends’ grows Pixies, not the fairies, but the little seedless tangerines that everybody loves, plus other great citrus such as Tahoe Golds, W. Murcotts, and Yosemite Golds.  See what she says about seedless citrus here.



Belle of the Bowl Lettuce Storage Tips
By Heidi Lewis

Think of lettuce as a Southern belle. Coiffured in feathers and buoyant hoop skirts of green lace, fanning herself, and batting her eyelashes: “My, it sure is hot in here,” she purrs, steaming her admirers. “I’d just adore a cool drink of water,” blink, blink. Tips on how to grow, wash and prepare lettuce here.


Roll Your Own How to Make Vegetarian Sushi By Karla Milosevich

Whether it’s a birthday, a Japanese-themed New Year’s Day party, or just for a lunch or dinner party, I like to celebrate with sushi. It’s fun to make hand rolls with friends and kids and to experiment with taste combinations. You may be surprised at just how easy it can be to make vegetarian sushi.


Yes, You May Bike! By Chris Mittelstaedt


It must be May - the weather is activating dreams and inspiring us to move outside again.  It's National Physical Fitness Month and the beginning of bike-to-work movements across the nation. In San Francisco, Bike-to-Work Day is this week on Thursday, May 12, and in Los Angeles, Bike Week is May 16–20. In New York and Philadelphia, the entire month of May is Bike Month, and Washington D.C.’s Bike-to-Work Day is May 20. And although the biking movement officially starts in May for Chicago, the Windy City hosts its Bike Commuter Challenge from June 11–17. Read more from the Chief Banana on Bike-to-Work Day and when we might start seeing cherries and apricots.


Spring Planting at Baia Nicchia Farm Tomato Seedlings Get Helping Hands By Karla Milosevich

On a sunny Northern California morning in April, volunteers gathered at picturesque Baia Nicchia Farm in Alameda County to plant tomato seedlings.

Baia Nicchia is a small farm and nursery located in Sunol, California on farmland leased from the San Francisco Water District. Fred Hempel and Jill Shepard own and run this organic farm, and are best known for breeding fabulous gourmet tomatoes. They grow a variety of crops using innovative sustainable farming methods. Check out their cover crops and read about our morning of volunteering here.


Recipe of the Week: Watercress, Orange, and Fennel Salad Free Recipe: Watercress, Orange, and Fennel Salad

Try The FruitGuys TakeHome case and you’ll receive organic fruits and veggies delivered to you at work to take home, or directly to your house. The easy-to-carry case includes two free recipes each week, such as this colorful salad.

Support your local farmers. We buy 100% organic produce sourced from local farms to the extent possible.

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Bike to Work Day
May 12

Making Food Fun - DooF-a-Palooza
May 22
Oakland, CA

Green Festival
May 14-15
Chicago, IL

Climate Ride - NYC-DC
May 13-17
Ends in Washington, DC

More fun local events here.

The FruitGuys & Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!

The FruitGuys will be featured in season two of JAMIE OLIVER’S FOOD REVOLUTION, an Emmy-winning series on ABC that attacks the problems of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in America. Jamie Oliver, British chef, food activist, and best-selling author, invites viewers to take a stand and change the way America feeds itself at home, in schools and on Main Street.  In Season Two, Jamie brings the Food Revolution to one of America's biggest cities, Los Angeles. The FruitGuys is participating in this new season by donating a year’s supply of fresh produce to three families living in the “food deserts” of L.A. – an area where healthy, affordable food is hard to obtain. Tune in Fridays at 8/7c to watch!

fruit mix WHAT'S IN SEASON? 
We work with local growers in multiple areas of the United States and our fruit mixes vary by region. Mixes can change quickly due to weather and other farm circumstances. To find out exactly what's available, go to our mix page and select your delivery region and box variety. Check what's in season for your office, or for yourself and your family.

Enjoy and be fruitful!