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Dog is My Trainer
Long walks good for you and your dog
By Pia Hinckle

Dogs can be great motivators to get out and take a walk each day. They are good company and a constant reminder to stay on task. Walking is an all around good exercise for any age and fitness level. Studies have found that just 30 minutes of moderate walking each day can help lower blood pressure, reduce weight, and improve overall health. See more on how long walks are good for you and your dog.


Which Pyramid?
Every nutrition school has a pyramid, which one is yours?
By Pia Hinckle & Rebecca Taggart

Nutrition pyramids are supposed to be graphical representations of a healthy diet. But whose? The latest guidelines issued by the U.S. government emphasize eating more fruits and vegetables and less fat, salt, and sugar, as we reported back in February.  But there are as many food pyramids out there as there are food philosophies, from Mediterranean to Paleolithic, from Vegetarian to Vegan, and from locavore Michael Pollan to natural fats promoter Weston PriceA breakdown of eating philosophies and their pyramids here.


Simple Steamed Broccoli
So good even kids like it!
By Pia Hinckle

Mother always said to eat your broccoli, one of the most nutrient-packed veggies in the list of Food That is Good For You. But I have heard many sad stories about broccoli from both kids and grown-ups who hate it. Not don’t like it, but HATE it. My theory is that this is due to an American obsession with overcooking vegetables. Try this recipe and I guarantee you will convert some of the broccoli skeptics in your house.


Recipe of the Week: Corn Cakes with Berries and Warm Peaches Free Recipe: Corn Cakes with Berries and Warm Peaches

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Summer Whites
Peaches and Nectarines By Heidi Lewis

White peaches and nectarines are not newfangled or genetically modified. They’re grown around the world, but until 20 years ago were mostly a niche fruit popular with home growers. In America, they date back to the colonies. Especially popular in the 1800s was a white peach called the Belle of Georgia, which still exists today. White peach and nectarine lore here.


Minty Fresh!
By Heidi Lewis

The power in mint is menthol, its essential oil. It’s a voracious plant and can even be invasive. Mint is rich in vitamins A, B12, C, thiamine, folic acid, and riboflavin. It contains many essential minerals like manganese, potassium, selenium, iron, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus. This is why it is valued as an anti-oxidant. Mint mythology and ideas for how to cook with mint here.


Kauffman's Fruit Farm
By Heidi Lewis

Kauffman’s Fruit Farm was started in 1911 by Amos Kauffman and is still run by members of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations. Over the last century, the extended Kauffman family has stayed abreast of changing consumer needs and thrived. They also have a market on Route 340 offering many Pennsylvania Dutch country treats and staples. More about Kauffman's Fruit Farm and cherries here.


Microloans to Family Farms
Loans give a leg up to farms in need
By Pia Hinckle

The credit crunch has hit small farms perhaps worse than even small businesses. Banks aren’t interested in small loans and credit is very tight and hard to come by. Farms tend to operate on a thin margin and unforeseen events like the weather can quickly change a farm’s business prospects. See how our Farm Steward Program is helping family farms.  

NEWS Big Apple Goes Green
High line gets high marks

By Pia Hinckle

New York has become a leader in urban green renewal. On a visit in June, I found that most of Broadway is now a bicycle path, Times Square is a pedestrian mall, and on the West Side, an abandoned elevated train track has become a garden.

The High Line is a New York City public park built 30-feet above street level on a 1930s era freight line.  Check out the High Line in New York City here.


Back to Suburban Nature
By Chris Mittelstaedt

Wayne, PA, June 1981.

It’s a hazy and humid gray-blue Saturday and the summer beetles are whistle-clicking as I push the riding mower backwards out from the garage. I’m in grasscutting gear—white shorts with green piping, tube socks pulled up to my knees, a blue Adidas T-shirt, mirrored sunglasses, and super-absorbent plush white-and-blue wristbands. Read about my special power here.


Slicing into Farms House cuts will hurt farmers
By Judith Redmond

On June 17th, the House of Representatives passed its proposal for fiscal year 2012 agriculture spending. In the agricultural ‘discretionary’ budget, the House voted to cut nearly $3 billion from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the FDA. Combined with cuts already made earlier this year, that adds up to a 25 percent reduction. Read about the proposal to cut funding for agriculture here.


EatReal LA
Jul 16/17
Los Angeles, CA

Desert Botanical Garden Flashlight Tours
Saturdays thru Sep
Phoenix, AZ


First Friday on the Farm
Aug 5
Chicago, IL

Philadelphia Orchard Project Music Festival
Jul 16
Philadelphia, PA

More fun local events in July and August here.

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