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August 13, 2010


Calcium: A Bone’s Best Friend Needs Change as We Age
By Rebecca Taggart


Calcium and phosphorus are critical minerals that form the basic building block of bones and teeth, giving them both strength and density. Calcium is also critical to nerve and muscle function, blood clotting, enzyme and hormone regulation, and cell membrane function.  When we don’t consume adequate amounts of calcium through food or supplements, our bodies take what is needed from our bones, which over time can lead to osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis, characterized by porous and fragile bones, will affect half of all American women according to the National Institutes of Health. Less well known is that one in four men over age 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime. Inadequate calcium intake in childhood and/or adulthood is usually a critical contributing factor to osteoporosis. Research shows that getting enough calcium helps prevent breast and colorectal cancer, high blood pressure, and obesity. Find out how much calcium you need and which foods have it.


The Great Local Fruit Shark By Chris Mittelstaedt

It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and my all-things-marine-life son is loving it. Between South African great white sharks that launch themselves into the air after yelping seals, and the guy who said (and I quote): “I’m jumping in this shark melee tied to a bloody fish head to see what happens when sharks take hold in a feeding frenzy…” you have to give credit to the Discovery Channel for taking nature and turning it into a giant tractor pull: “Shark Fans and Hot Rodders!!!”

I can’t help but wonder what kind of exciting twists and turns could come about if you took the same level of Ringling Brothers Circus–promotion to the fruit world. [Blurry fade-in with melting-wind-chime music…] Read all about the exciting world of local harvests here.


It Takes a Village California Town Saves Heirloom Apple By Heidi Lewis

The Gravenstein Apple is dear to many apple lovers for its tart taste and superior juice, sauce, and pie abilities, but it is especially dear to the residents of Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma County) where the apple is grown in the U.S.

The Gravenstein was the main apple crop for decades in this corner of Sonoma County until cheap foreign juice imports and high wine grape prices caused many growers to go out of business or replace orchards with vineyards. Seven years ago, concerned Sebasto-pudilians went to their apple farmers to ask what they could do to help save the Gravenstein. The farmers were in an economic paradox: the price for apple juice and sauce had been depressed by cheap foreign juice concentrate while demand for wine grapes was soaring.

Enter the SlowFood Foundation for Biodiversity, a 2003 offshoot of the Slow Food movement, which began in Italy in 1986. The foundation’s goal is to "guarantee a viable future for traditional foods by stabilizing production techniques, establishing stringent production standards, and promoting local consumption."  The foundation’s projects include the Ark of Taste, recognizing endangered heritage foods around the world, and Presidia, organizations designed to protect and promote particular foods. The Gravenstein Apple Presidia, run by the Slow Food Russian Riverchapter, is one of only six in the U.S. and the only one in the fruit category. Read more about the gravenstein apple, the Presidia, and upcoming events here.

The Gravenstein Apple Box

A limited time offer for delivery in California Brought to you by The FruitGuys and Slow Food Russian River

This month, you can support the Slow Food Gravenstein Apple Presidium by ordering The Gravenstein Apple Box, a project ofSlow Food Russian River and The FruitGuys.

Enjoy 5 pounds of delicious fresh Gravenstein apples delivered within 2 days of harvest, along with a special apple tart recipe from acclaimed northern California cookbook author Michele Anna Jordan. Cost $20. The box is 75-100% post consumer recycled cardboard. The apples will be picked from two local organic orchards.

Your purchase supports Sonoma County’s remaining Gravenstein Apple orchards. The Gravenstein Apple is in Slow Food USA’s Ark of Taste, a list of 200 endangered American foods. TheGravenstein Apple Presidium promotes farmers who nurture their apples from tree to table. The Presidium has documented the history of Gravenstein apples, organized the remaining apple farmers, and developed production protocols and marketing materials, and strategies to promote sales.

Order now! Call us at 877-FRUIT-ME (877-378-4863) or place your order online. Gravensteins have a short and precious harvest season and will be available for Tuesday though Thursday delivery the weeks of August 15th and August 22nd in California. Learn more at


Recipe of the Week: Kale Chips Free recipe Kale Chips

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Support your local farmers. We buy 100% organic produce sourced from local farms to the extent possible. Our TakeHome case provides food that is good for your family, good for the farmers, and good for the planet.

Delivery at your office to take home or to your home.

Field Trips

Gravenstein Apple Fair
Aug. 14-15 
Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma Co.)

Summer Canning Basics Class
Aug. 17 & 19 
Kalamazoo, MI

EASTNational Honey Bee Awareness Day
Aug. 21 
Various locations

More fun local events here.

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