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Ode to a Grav Grower
Walker Family Stuck Through Boom and Bust
By Pia Hinckle

Lee Walker has been farming with his family in their Graton, CA apple orchard his whole life, except for a tour in the army and a few years playing pro baseball. Lee and his family have maintained their business through the thick and the thin skinned times of the apple business. Read more about Walker's Gravenstein apples here.


RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Gravenstein Apple Tart Free Recipe: Gravenstein Apple Tart

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Great Gravenstein! This Heirloom Apple has a Story to Tell By Heidi Lewis

In the early 1900s, Sonoma County had 11,000 acres of Gravenstein apples - but housing development and the growth of the wine industry has decimated the apple industry. Grapes and subdivisions now stand where mighty Gravenstein trees once stood. Now only a handful of farmers carry on in less than 800 acres of trees. In 2003, Slow Food Russian River nominated the Gravenstein apple for a Presidia Project. A Presidia works with farmers and consumers to promote consumption of a valued but endangered heirloom food. Coordinated by the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, the Gravenstein project is staffed by 25 volunteers who work under the banner "Save the Gravenstein!"Read more about the Gravenstein apple here.


Water Fitness Swimming Great Exercise for all Ages By Rebecca Taggart

Swimming is fantastic exercise because it is both cardiovascular and strengthening. It uses all the body’s muscle groups and therefore gives a whole-body workout. It is also low impact, which benefits those with joint or weight limitations (or advanced pregnancy), yet a vigorous swim burns as many calories as running a 10-minute mile or playing competitive soccer (around 600 cal/hr). By using different strokes you can focus on certain muscle groups, and few other activities give you as good of an upper body workout. Swimming is an exercise that can be done throughout your life. Tips for swimming here.


Cooking is Child's Play By Roxanne Crittenden

Kids, especially young ones, love to feel helpful and will be proud to take some credit at the dinner table. And the closer kids get to their food, the more likely they are to be excited about what they’re eating. With kids in the kitchen, carrots slices turn into carrot chunks and things might not rise quite like you planned. Let go of the details and let their sense of accomplishment be your reward.

How do you get your kids involved? Here are a few tasks that kids, starting about age three, can help with in the kitchen.


The Stinking Rose Garlic is Allium Family Hero By Heidi Lewis

Garlic comes in small, medium, large, colossal, and super colossal. Colossal should not be confused with the other giant — Elephant garlic. Elephant garlic is actually its own species, closely related to the leek, and another story. Allium satvium in all its varieties has been used for health benefits and flavor for centuries around the world. Garlic dates back more than 6,000 years to central Asia and was used extensively by the ancient Egyptians. Ideas for how to use garlic, and health benefits of garlic here.

AVAILABLE NOW! The Gravenstein Apple Box

The short and sweet Gravenstein season is upon us in Northern California! We're happy to announce that the 2011 Gravenstein Apple Box is now available. The Gravenstein Apple Box is a project of Slow Food Russian River and The FruitGuys.

Order this limited edition Gravenstein Apple Box to support local farmers and the Slow Food Gravenstein Apple Presidium.

Gravenstein Apple Boxes will be delivered between August 15th - 26th. Recipes included. Free shipping to many areas.

Give us a call at 877-FRUIT-ME (378-4856) to order, or email We're happy to answer any questions.


The Grav-ity of Change By Chris Mittelstaedt

Change has come slowly but steadily to the foods we’ve eaten over the last 70 years. While there has been no acute onset to clearly demonstrate the difference between the food of today and yesterday, if you take a look at local agriculture, you can see the fingerprint of change in all partsof the U.S. In the 1940s, Northern California’s Sonoma County had thousands of Gravenstein apple orchards. During World War II, American troops were given Gravenstein applesauce and dried Gravenstein apples from the region. This put Sebastopol (the hub of the Gravenstein’s growing region) on the map. Celebrate the history of the Gravenstein apple here.


National Honeybee Awareness Day
Aug 20
Plumsteadville, PA

Shade Tree Planting Workshop
Aug 27
Phoenix, AZ

More fun events in August and September here.

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Enjoy and be fruitful!