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August 27, 2010


Heart-Healthy Foods A Delicious Diet Can Lower Cholesterol
By Rebecca Taggart

Last week my husband ended up in a cardiac intensive care unit. Turned out he had 90% blockage in a coronary artery and needed an emergency angioplasty. How could this have happened to a fit, healthy eater who exercises regularly? Well, he is over 50 and there is a history of heart disease in his family. This unexpected scare drove home to me the need to eat plenty of heart-healthy foods that will help keep our cholesterol in the excellent range and reduce our risk of heart disease. Find out which foods can lower LDL and raise HDL to keep your heart healthy.


Savers of the Seed Baia Nicchia Preserves the Old Ways — And Eats Them By Heidi Lewis

The seed packet instructions say, "Store in a cool dry place." How about the North Pole? The Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway’s Arctic Svalbard archipelago is one of the world’s largest depositories of our planet's genetic plant record in the form of seeds. There, copies of seeds from other seeds banks around the globe are stored for free to help ensure plant diversity for future generations.

But we have seed savers close to home too. Baia Nicchia Farm and Nursery in Alameda County are preserving heirloom varieties.

The FruitLife

Celebrate with an Apple By Chris Mittelstaedt

Our FruitGuys softball team has a motto: “More runs than injuries.” Up until last week we hadn’t yet won a game, but we were wildly successful with our safety goals. Mom would be proud. This past week, when we finally won our first game in two seasons, I wasn’t sure if it was the result of a sudden alignment of the planets or the amazing four-person rundown between 2nd and 3rd in which we confused the other team so thoroughly that they sat stunned for the next two innings. Whatever the cause, we had reason to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with...


Here’s what one mom wrote to us last week about our TakeHome Fruit & Veggie case.

"My name is Beth M. and I’ve been a customer of The FruitGuys for about 2-3 months. I wanted to say Thank You for offering this service as it helps me with my quest of healthy and safe eating for my son! Here’s my story, in short: I have a 3 year old son that has life threatening allergies to most foods that you and I would eat! He is allergic to Milk (all dairy ingredients), Soy, Eggs and Peanuts. He is anaphylactic to all of these allergens and even a small amount ingested could result in death. He cannot eat pre-packaged foods as they are not safe..." Read her full story here.

organic fruits and veggies delivered nationwide


Recipe of the Week: Fig and Carrot Slaw Free recipe: Fig and Carrot Slaw

Try our TakeHome case and you’ll receive organic fruits and veggies delivered to you at work to take home, or directly to your house. The easy-to-carry case includes two free recipes each week. We hope you like this delicious and healthy salad.

Support your local farmers. We buy 100% organic produce sourced from local farms to the extent possible. Our TakeHome case provides food that is good for your family, good for the farmers, and good for the planet.

Delivery at your office to take home or to your home.

eat realCatch Up with The FruitGuys at the 2010 Eat Real Festival Jack London Square in Oakland, California August 27-29, 2010 Free Entry

Don’t miss the fun!

Join The FruitGuys for Eat Real’s three-day celebration that offers food craft collaborations and performances, urban homesteading contests and how-tos, and sweet entertainment.

Visit with The FruitGuys at the Lit Fest!

Stop by The FruitGuys Farm Stand to taste some fresh fruit while learning about healthy eating solutions where you work, live, learn, and give. After your visit, enjoy stories from some of the Bay’s most outstanding food writers as they recount their most humorous, bizarre, daring, satisfying and enlightening food experiences during the Eat Real Lit Fest. Pump up the jam! On August 27th from 4-7 pm, catch up with FruitGal Rebecca North during the Jamboree Judging and Food Skills Workshop. Participate in the Porchlight Storytelling Slam! On August 29th from 3-5 pm, Porchlight, the Bay Area's popular storytelling series opens up its stage for the public to share their stories. In addition to some of the series' regular storytellers, Porchlight founders Arline Klatte and Beth Lisick are inviting people to share a five-minute food story. If you are interested in bringing your tales of farming mishaps, cooking extravaganzas, gardening dramas and restaurant wars, show up at the stage at 2:45 pm to sign up to share your food story. Brag! Confess! Win prizes from The FruitGuys!

Learn more about the 2010 Eat Real Festival schedule at

Field Trips

Monticello Heritage Harvest Festival
Sep 11
Charlotsville VA

Minnesota Cooks - Local & Sustainable
Aug 31
St. Paul MN

Slide Ranch at 40
Sep 30
Muir Beach CA

More fun local events here.

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