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The Pear Champ
Nonagenarian Marie Seppa Cans it Like it is
By Pia Hinckle

Marie Seppa knows her way around a canner. A spry 91-year-old with bright blue eyes, Marie has been canning since she was a child growing up on a farm in Eastern Oregon in the ‘20s. Her specialty: pears. “All pears can, but I love Bartletts,” says Marie. In nearly sixty years of competing in the canned pears category at the Sonoma County Fair in Northern California, she has only been beaten once. Her jars of skinned pears look like they were just cut minutes before and taste fresh and crisp, preserved in a light sugar syrup. Read more and see Marie Seppa's secret for delicious canned pears here.


Praising The Pear
A Pear A Day Keeps Sickness at Bay
By Rebecca Taggart

Apples have gotten such a good rap (“an apple a day keeps the doctor away”) that the closely-related pear, equally nutritious, should have its own aphorism: “A pear a day keeps sickness at bay.”  But pears are often overlooked as a handy snack. Both apples and pears are nutrient-dense, low-calorie alternatives to a bag of chips.  At only 100 calories per medium-sized pear, they are a great snack to keep piled on your desk for easy access. Healthy reasons to eat pears here. 


Asian and European Pears Share Ancestry Separated at Birth By Heidi Lewis

What most of us recognize as a classic pear is the European Pear (Pyrus communis), cultivated since the Bronze Age – the Botticelli form, Audrey Hepburn neck, and colors ranging from eye-popping chartreuse to jewel-toned maroons and golds. The buttery quality that we equate with many European varieties can be credited to Belgians who carefully bred them in the 18th century to give us the names that ring out like guests to Napoleon's coronation: Comice, D'AnjouConcordeBosc, and Abbé Fetel, to name a few. Pears later immigrated to America with great success and the evolution of our own lovelies such asHarrow Delight, Packham's Triumph, Blake's Pride, and the mighty little Seckel Pear, born and bred in Philly. But what of the Asian PearTrace the lineage of Asian pears here.


The Crush
Sonoma County Grape Harvest is Family Tradition
By Pia Hinckle

This year we crushed about a ton of Petite Syrah grapes, from a friend’s Sonoma County vineyard. We start with a quick blessing of the grapes, remembering the parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents who used to join in the tradition but are no longer with us, and then the crush begins. The bins are emptied into the crusher, which spits crushed grapes into the barrel and stems onto the ground. Story and pictures of our family grape crushing tradition here.


iDeas of Passion
By Chris Mittelstaedt

I’ve found myself grieving over the passing of Apple co-founderSteve Jobs (1955–2011). In the early 1980s, I spent countless hours on my family’s Apple IIe playing Time Zone and Dig Dug. I can still remember the “beep!” and quick tapping clicks of the disk drive booting up. The loss of Steve Jobs feels like the loss of a large piece of American business creativity. I find myself wondering if there will ever again (in my lifetime) be such an inspiring icon of innovation. Read more what FruitGuys CEO Chris Mittelstaedt has to say about Steve Jobs.


Lentil Love
Egyptian Hospitality Made Soup Special
By Rebecca Taggart

Egypt’s revolution and the ouster of President Mubarak has kept it in the news this year while Egypt the tourist attraction, the home of Tutankhamun and thepyramids, has been placed on the back burner due to the political unrest. But it was that Egypt, the ancient ruins and pharaoh mummies, that drew me to visit there twenty-odd years ago.

During my visit to Luxor, I had a delicious soup one night at a small restaurant near the Nile River.  Lentils and vegetables were pureed together with cumin and fresh lemon juice.  It was perfect after a day spent hiking through the Valley of the Kings, and I asked the waiter what the ingredients were.  He said if I liked the soup, I must come to his home so his mother and sisters could cook the definitive version.  I accepted the invitation... Here's a lentil soup recipe inspired by this visit to Egypt.


How to Start a Running or Walking Routine
First Steps
By Rebecca Taggart

Fall is here with its bright colors and cooler temperatures, and is a great time to be outdoors. Although New Year’s Day is the traditional time to start a new fitness routine, starting now will make you feel better come 2012.  As the days shorten, increasing the amount of exercise you do helps compensate for the increased darkness, and makes getting up in the morning easier. Running is great exercise—it will help you lose or maintain weight, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and moderate insulin response. And it is basically a free activity, once you have the right pair of shoes.  If running isn’t for you, brisk walking is a good alternative and easier on the joints. Get fit for the holidays!


FEATURED RECIPE: Marie Seppa's Pear Pie Pear Pie 

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Creating Ritual of Family Meals
Oct 29
San Francisco, CA

Bucktown Apple Pie Contest
Oct 16
Chicago, IL

Asian Pear Gourmet Dinner
Oct 20
Emmaus, PA

Keene Tower of Pumpkins Festival
Oct 22
Keene, NH

Great Arizona Grape Stomp & Fun Run
Oct 22
Elgin, AZ

Fruit Tree Class – Orcharding in the Desert
Oct 13
Tempe, AZ

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