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Here at The FruitGuys, we’d like to make our fresh fruit available to anyone in need of a healthy snack alternative. To keep things simple, we have discontinued our TakeHome case for home fruit delivery. Not to worry — you can still order the same, locally grown fruit directly to your home using our Office delivery page. Any address will do.

Just select your mix, case size, and delivery schedule and we’ll take care of the rest. Our fresh fruit home delivery is comprised of seasonal, organic produce grown at local farms. It’s an excellent way to support small, family–run businesses that harvest the land responsibly and with great care. You’ll also receive the freshest fruit imaginable; once it leaves the farm, we package it at one of our production hubs and deliver it straight to your door.

Just like The FruitGuys’ office delivery, our fresh fruit home delivery arrives in a post-consumer, recycled cardboard box, printed with soy–based inks. These cases can be recycled and reused up to six times. That’s home fruit delivery and sustainability in one smart package.

For parents who want their college-bound kids eating healthy as they enter a new phase in their lives, we also offer dorm delivery options at our Dormsnack website. It’s a fun and easy way to send college care packages. With prices starting at just $35, select a medley of organic fruit that your child loves and help them avoid the Freshman 15. You can make one-time, weekly, biweekly, or monthly deliveries — just visit to place an order.

Currently, The FruitGuys has production hubs in South San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Pennsylvania, and Chicago. Each hub works directly with organic farmers in the area, so that the fruit travels the shortest distance possible. Not only does it make for a tastier product, but it gives us a chance to support local communities at a grassroots level. Our GoodWorks program donates more than 170,000 pounds of fruit to food banks, provides family farms with financial assistance, and supports Farm Steward projects that give farms sustainable tools like owl boxes and honeybee hives. We also launched the FruitGuys Community Fund in 2012, which provides a platform for independent farmers and organic agriculture.

Although The FruitGuys no longer delivers vegetables, we’re not just a fruit company, either. As we continue to grow, we always welcome your feedback and suggestions. Watch this space for exciting new developments!