Great Grape

The FruitGuys Plant a Tree for UMOM

A Horse, a Bucket, and a Shallot

By Heidi Lewis

Are there days when you need a little Python? Monty Python, that  is. Sometimes in the face of regulatory hypocrisy, brain-numbing  bureaucracy, or infinite feedback loops, wouldn’t you like to answer your  phone with: “This is Arguments, you want Complaints next door.” Or spice  up a gloomy Monday morning elevator ride with “Nudge-nudge, wink-wink,  know what I mean?” Or maybe just a silly walk to change a mood?

Dr. Leekey Presents

Plum Crazy for Plums!

By Gretchen Bay

It’s officially summer. And summer means (among other delicious things)—plums! Unlike their stone-fruit cousins peaches and nectarines (which come with white or yellow flesh and skin typically in the yellow-red spectrum), plums come in a wide variety of colors, mainly red, purple, yellow, black, and green. Their flavors range from candy-sweet to sublimely tart and everything in between.

Bada Bing, Bada Boom

By Heidi Lewis

You know what sweet summer cherries like? They like winter. That’s when they catch up on a little shut-eye and wake up refreshed. Many stone fruits and pomes need the chill hours to produce a good season of leaf, buds, and fruit. But man, when they’re ready—bada boom! Cherry season is here.

Find Your Salad Muse

By Heidi Lewis

When you gaze into your TakeHome case, think “salad.” If you’re still leaning against the counter looking for creative inspiration, consider taking these four steps toward salad creativity: Research. Percolate. Illuminate. Assemble.

Miranda Rights

Pear-a-dise: The Pilot

pears_silver-bowlIn my version of Fantasy Island, I step off “da plane” with a dazed look as a circa-1970s, softly lit Ricardo Montalban waves his arm welcomingly. Tattoo, the three-and-a-half-foot-tall island concierge, brings me a silver platter, not with bubbling glasses of champagne but a variety of pears. “The Comice has a lovely sugar,” he grunts.

How Do I Love Bee?

Farmer-Beekeepers Count the Ways

Honey from bees is quite the miracle. Why does it taste so good? And why does it have so many healing properties? Many scientists have studied the organization of beehives and the behavior of bees, but it is philosophers such as Rudolf Steiner who give us a clue to the answer: love.