Field Trips April 2013

april events

The FruitGuys will be at the Philly Farm & Food Fest.  We're looking forward to meeting with  farmers and customers. Come say hello!

NATIONWIDE Arbor Day - Plant a Tree April 15th

EAST National Cherry Blossom Festival March 2nd - April 14th
Washington, DC

Camp Garbology

I’m a chaperone on my son’s 3-day, 5th grade outdoor education trip. We’re on a bus heading back from a camp in Santa Cruz. As my head bobs against the cool glass window I’m jarred out of a twilight sleep when the coach lurches and downshifts while descending Route 17. Kids in the front are singing in rounds, boys in the back are being separated for getting too rough. I’m just checking that I haven’t been drooling against the seat when a 5th grade girl in front of me leans around and stares at my flickering eyelids. “Wha-cha-do-in?” she chimes. Before I can answer in more than mumbles she notes: “You have really dark circles under your eyes.”  She takes a bite of apple. She’s eaten it from the top – core and all. “I’m part of the hard-core-apple-club” she beams.

Field Trips