2012 GoodWorks

Gabriel Farm 2.0

How about a U-Pick CSA?

There is such a thing as too much love. Lucy and Torrey Olson’s Gabriel Farm in Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma County) was one of the few U-Pick apple farms in the San Francisco Bay Area. People loved to come pick Fuji apples, persimmons, and blackberries at the Olson's lovely 14-acre organic family farm.

Baia Nicchia Microloan Update

In 2011, The FruitGuys’ Farm Steward program financed a $3,000 no-interest loan to Baia Nicchia Farm and Nursery in Sunol, CA.  Baia Nicchia  is a family farm, run by Fred Hempel and Jill Shepard, that grows heirloom tomatoes, specialty squash, peppers, and herbs.   FruitGuys volunteers also helped plant tomato seedlings last May.

Microloans to Family Farms

Spring Planting at Baia Nicchia Farm

A Fruitful Partnership Grows Roots to Educate Philly Youth

The FruitGuys Philadelphia team helped green urban West Philadelphia by sponsoring a fall planting at the Walnut Hill Community Farm through POP (Philadelphia Orchard Project).

Tale of a Scientist Farmer

Ed Magee spends his days thinking about sunlight. When he isn’t working on his  38-acre orchard of white peaches and nectarines in Vernalis, California, he’s in a  lab studying the energy of electrons. This scientist-farmer’s day job aids NASA  researchers in determining the elemental mix of stars. Ed is a scientist through  and through and he takes a very measured and managed approach to his farming  as well. Not only do they prune their trees to reach a shorter height of between  6 and 8 feet for easier picking but they also believe that by not treating their soil  with nitrogen during the growing season their trees work harder to produce more  sugar for their fruit.

Hungry Owls

alex godbeAlex Godbe started The Hungry Owl Project in 2002 to raise awareness of the danger that rodent poison poses to owls. Alex had been an intern for Wildcare, a Bay Area wildlife rehabilitation and education center, and was struck by the number of sick raptors and other hunting birds that ended up in the facility because they had been exposed to a variety of poisons.

GoodWorks in Action

owlJoin us for our first Farm Steward Project of 2010 on the west coast at E&M Farm, growers of sweet and delicious nectarines and peaches, in beautiful Vernalis, CA. Come help us install six owl boxes while you learn about the owls in the area and the important role they play in rodent control.

If you can join us or have questions, email  desiree@fruitguys.com.

E&M Farm Mar 21st, 2010
12 noon - 3pm
Vernalis CA

Good Fruit = GoodWorks