I've heard The FruitGuys has a GoodWorks program for giving back, how does it work?

2012 GoodWorks

How Can I Donate My Box?

Donate-A-Crate 2011 Fed Thousands

FruitGuys Donations are Backbone of Some Food Pantries

In a year when more people continued to struggle with less, The FruitGuys GoodWorks program responded to the realities of the continuing hard economy by making micro-loans to farmers; increasing donations of fresh produce to food pantries; and promoting fresh food access for all communities, especially those experiencing hunger.

The FruitGuys Helps South Philly Refugee Service

FruitGuys Donated Fruit = Fresh For All

Good Fruit = GoodWorks


appleClosed for the holidays? Why not give something back to those in need. Instead of putting your order on hold,  our Donate-A-Crate program lets you send your fresh fruit to a worthy non-profit organization in your area serving those less fortunate than ourselves. In 2008, FruitGuys clients donated more than 180 crates to food-banks and programs for families in need between the Thanksgiving and New Years holidays.