Great Grape

Concord Grapes

Champagne Grapes

champagne_grapes_lgDah-ling, what better way to kick off the morning meeting than with itsy bitsy champagne grapes. Black Corinth grapes, sweetie. Corinth as in Greece, as in Onassis. These grapes are just the cutest little darlings. They thrive in the sunny climes, just like you know who. You want to feel like a Greek god? Well pop a cluster in your mouth, and pull the stem. Voila! Those little anti-oxidant pearls will do wonders for your complexion, Mon Cheri!

Canadice Grapes

Autumn Royal Grapes

"Beulah, peel me a grape..."

Thompson Grapes

Red Grapes

What did the grape say when it got stepped on? It let out a little whine... Poor grape. In the FruitGuys cases are Table Grapes grown exclusively for eating. Scientists at Cornell have rated fruits and veggies for their bioactivity index and the skin and seeds of the scarlet grape RULE!

Nurtured in the San Joaquin valley on good soil and water - you won't want to step on these sweet crimson darlings.

Red Flame Grapes

Red Crimson Grapes