Mother Knows Best 2010

apple_pickerMy mother-in-law, in her infinite wisdom, always makes sure to let her grandchildren know that peeling fruit is not a good idea. “Don’t be Mr. Peeler the vitamin stealer,” she tells them. I’ve always liked this sage advice, and now I can give her (and Mother Nature) credit for being well in front of the scientific community on this fact. Turns out that apple peels fight cancer!

Celebrate with an Apple

apples_baseballOur FruitGuys softball team has a motto: “More runs than injuries.” Up until last week we hadn’t yet won a game, but we were wildly successful with our safety goals. Mom would be proud. This past week, when we finally won our first game in two seasons, I wasn’t sure if it was the result of a sudden alignment of the planets or the amazing four-person rundown between 2nd and 3rd in which we confused the other team so thoroughly that they sat stunned for the next two innings. Whatever the cause, we had reason to celebrate.

Gimme a C for Citrus!

When I was 15 I had two secret wishes: first to become a ninja, second to be an astronaut. As I was already practicing my throwing-stars and rubber nunchucks skills in the backyard, I decided to join the Civil Air Patrol (aka C.A.P.) I had a plan and it involved packing my young resume with the "right stuff" as a ploy to get my local congressman in Pennsylvania to sign off on my impending application to the Air Force Academy. I would finally realize my dream of becoming the first ninja-astronaut in space. After two months in C.A.P. of standing at attention, about-facing, and polishing my boots, we went on a day trip to practice our bivouacking skills.