Walking Tall

Quick Office Stretches

Perchance to Dream

There is nothing quite like waking up after a great night’s sleep. You revel in a refreshed, bright, energized feeling that catapults you into the possibilities of a brand new day. Consider that gratifying initial stretch, arms overhead. Hear the birds chirping and see the sun shining against the backdrop of a blue sky. Those deeply rejuvenating eight hours of downtime have become a powerful springboard into what might just be the best day of your life.

Office Yoga Poses for Your Back

The Midnight Diet

How to Manage Stress at Work

Getting Started with Adult Team Sports

Are you in the exercise doldrums? Maybe your old, reliable Zumba class has grown stale or doing miles on the treadmill has lost its luster. Frankly, you’re having a hard time drumming up any enthusiasm at all about hitting the gym. What to do?

Perhaps the cure is some good old-fashioned teamwork and the thrill of competition. Joining a recreational sports team can enhance your leisure time in a number of ways, from raising your level of fitness to providing a new outlet for socializing.

It's a Stretch

Stretching helps create fitness and ensure a healthy body through better posture, balance, and flexibility. When your muscles are stretched, your joints have a greater range of motion, be it at the hip, the shoulder, the knee, or the spine. But recent research has found that stretching before versus after exercise has markedly different effects, as does the type of stretching.

Ward off the Weight

Are You Off Balance?

Annie Neely, an active single mom, is in top physical form. She runs almost every day, bikes to work, and eats a balanced diet jam-packed with fruits and vegetables. Despite her active lifestyle, Annie often feels tired and anxious. She stews over little things and sleeps poorly. In short, Annie may be great at taking care of her body, but her lack of attention to her stress level and emotional wellness drags her down. Her unmanaged stress keeps her from enjoying the full benefits of eating well and exercising.