Oro Blanco Grapefruit


Maybe you think I write too much about my kids. I kind of agree, but man, do they give me good material. Last week, for example, when I told them we would be getting pluots for this week’s cases, they ran with it. “Plupups?” my daughter said. “No,” I said, “pluots.” “Dad’s getting plu-pots next week!” my other daughter yelled across the house. “Plops?” my son said as he walked in the room. “No, PLU-OTs,” I enunciated.

Balance the Beat

By Chris Mittelstaedt

My daughters are in a rock band. One plays bass and the other drums. My 10-year old drummer has a problem with The Go-Go’s song “We Got The Beat.” “I keep losing my beat,” she says. “Have you looked in the root vegetables bin?” I chuckle. “Dad, not that kind of beet,” she says. “My beat! Look.” She drums on the table until the rhythm starts to fall out of sequence. “See, my right arm—that’s Hans—has to move so fast that it’s working harder than Emily—that’s my left arm. Emily just can’t catch up. It’s making me drum out of balance.” Two weeks later she’s got it under control. “How’d you get things back in balance?” I ask. “Dad,” she says, “I wear thicker socks on my left foot. It balances out Hans.” Duh—I should have known.

Flavor Grenade Pluot

Myth Buster