Get Gemutlich with Winter Squash


Gemutlich—adj., having a feeling or atmosphere of warmth and friendliness; cosy.

The first sparkle of hard frost and the chill that grips us this month triggers thoughts of cozying up by the hearth of a little cottage somewhere. Maybe in your imagination, it’s a Hobbit house or a Thomas Kinkade bungalow. Or maybe your hearth is something from Dickens––where the heart of every tale, and the hands of practically every character, is warmed by a few chunks of coal on the grate.

Roasted Winter Veggie Salad

Fall Flavors To Savor

butternut-squash1The mornings have become brisk and the days are growing shorter; fall is approaching rapidly in the Capay Valley. Technically, it will be officially here in less then a week. There is much to be excited about with its arrival. In the shop we are looking forward to enjoying some cooler temperatures to work in. We’re hoping you’ll be inspired by all of the delicious fall fruits and vegetables that are coming into season at our farms.

Savory Winter Squash Pancakes

Winter's Plenty

Roasted Kabocha Squash with Kale