What's in Season July 2013

strawberries peachesHere’s a preview of the goodies being harvested from some of our farms in July, from The FruitGuys regional produce buyers. To see what’s being delivered this week, visit fruitguys.com/mix and choose your region.

The Season of Cherries

Owl Update

Hungry Owls

alex godbeAlex Godbe started The Hungry Owl Project in 2002 to raise awareness of the danger that rodent poison poses to owls. Alex had been an intern for Wildcare, a Bay Area wildlife rehabilitation and education center, and was struck by the number of sick raptors and other hunting birds that ended up in the facility because they had been exposed to a variety of poisons.

Eye on Owls

barn owlOwls can play a crucial role in rodent control on organic farms. Instead of traps or poison, owls are natural predators that can help control populations of rodents like meadow voles that can girdle and kill the fruit trees.

East Coast GoodWorks Project Announcement

The Lessons of Nature

When we look for lessons in life, it’s not often that we can say:   “Hey, check with the slime mold.”   However last week in  The New York Times science section, there was a story about how researchers in Japan conducted an experiment in which a slime mold developed a network that mirrored the Tokyo rail system (which took humans many years to develop) in just 26 hours.   By placing food sources on a map in the same places as major cities around Tokyo, the slime grew tubular connections that nearly matched the rail links among the cities. “The researchers found that the slime mold network was as efficient as the rail network, it tolerated breaks in the connections just as well, and it was created at reasonable cost to the organism,” reported the  Times.

What's Fresh in the East

How many people say "worth two in the bush!" when they enter the town limits of Bird-in-Hand in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania? We don't know. Benn, The FruitGuys' East Coast buyer, is headed into Bird-in-Hand to talk with Kauffman's Fruit Farm, a 5th generation orchard and market, about their sweet yellow peaches. They have hundreds of varieties of stone-fruit and apples.