Warm up with Chili

Beans have the Lead in Winter Chili Choices

By Heather Boerner

chile-bowl1When the days get short and the cold and damp make me feel sniffly, I crave something hearty, something to warm me through the long nights and thick fog of San Francisco. Winter used to be a chance for me to break out my Texas-born grandmother’s recipe: Chicken-fried Steak.

But today, I head a different direction. I still get the warmth and coziness, but with a lot less artery-clogging saturated fat. My secret weapon? Beans.

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Fee Fi Fo Fum Beans

Jack’s mother was mad, beet-red steaming mad. Jack  had sold Milky-White the cow for a handful of “magic”  beans — what a fool! She threw the beans out the window and sent Jack to  bed without supper. We know the rest of the story. A giant beanstalk grew  outside the window providing the mother and son with an abundance of fresh  green beans that they cooked in various ways. Beans steamed with golden  carrot coins or in vinaigrette topped with sliced hard-boiled eggs from the  Golden Goose. Every day they picked beans until autumn when they felled  the giant stalk into their garden, where it continued to provide nitrogen for  their compost. They lived happily ever after.