Record Number of Farms Apply for Grants

Small, independent, and family-run farms need all the help they can get, as evidenced by the record number of applicants for The FruitGuys Community Fund’s 2016 sustainable agriculture grants: in a 55 percent increase from last year, 110 farms and agricultural nonprofits from across the country detailed sustainability projects aimed at increasing pollinators; conserving soil, water, and energy; and increasing harvests and food access to low-income communities.

From Seed to Need

The FruitGuys Community Fund, a nonprofit fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives, will award small American farms and agricultural nonprofits a total of $35,643 in 2015 for sustainability projects intended to have a positive impact on the environment, local food systems, and farm diversity.

Celebrate Fall! Harvest Time is Best for Visiting Local Farms

hoes down festival

Stop! Just stop what you are doing, and put down your tools, be they gardening trowels or smart phones. It is time to take a break from the weeding, shoveling, organizing, filing, coding, and analyzing and get some fresh country air! Harvest time is here for farms from California to the New York Island. Late September and early October is the perfect time to visit farms in the San Francisco Bay Area and Philadelphia region to dance, play, learn, sip, and sup the rewards of the harvest.