Lots of Heat Means Good Eats

melon-capayBy Seth Wright, courtesy of  Capay Valley Farm Shop

It has been an unusually hot and dry spring here in the Capay Valley.   The rain, which usually occurs from January until the end March, never really materialized.   There have been many beautiful sunny, warm and cloudless days this spring. We valley dwellers have even endured a few of those oppressively hot 100-degree days. That kind of heat usually does not set in until late June.

Charentais Melon

Orange water melonA melon with many devotees like Fruit Detective David Karp who called it "the best melon in the world." Alexander Dumas was so passionate about the Charentais that he donated 300 of his books to the town of Cavaillon in exchange for 12 melons a year. The town square in Cavaillon has a huge statue to the melon.

Canary Melon

Korean Melon

Ambrosia Melon


Organic mini-watermelons. These juicy and sweet organic watermelons were sooo good that we put them in all of our crates this week. Cut and share with friends. Your desk will feel like a wooden porch in summer time and the office printer will click like June Cicadas.


The small, organic Can-A-Dew, is in the Horn of Plenty and organic crates this week. It is a bit of a departure for us in that it is not something that can be eaten out of hand but must be cut. It is a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of thing that I thought you'd enjoy its unique and tasty. Essentially, once we get past the cool marketing name, the reality of this organic melon is it is a special winter variety of the Galia melon. It looks like a Cantaloupe on the outside and is green like a Honeydew inside. To judge its