Is it True that The FruitGuys Uses Organic Strawberries in its Boxes?

The Dirt on the Dirty Dozen

man-shopping-fruitThe Environmental Working Group’s annual Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce separates fruits and vegetables into groups of produce that are naughty (the “Dirty Dozen”), nice (the “Clean 15”), or somewhere in be

The O Word

Growing Organic Industry Forces Farms to Pay to Play

By Charlene Oldham

cherry tree

Organic food has spread from hippie food co-ops in the 1970s to the shelves of Wal-Mart today. National standards for what is “organic” have necessitated a certification process. But organic certification exacts a price—from sometimes hefty fees to annual inspections and arduous recordkeeping—and some organic farmers say they aren’t willing to pay it.

The Farm Bill

Ruesch Century Farm

Know Your Farmer

“Organic” Label May Not Tell the Whole Story
By Mary Risley, reprinted with permission from Tante Marie’s Cooking School

Aren’t you getting tired of all the talk about organics? Recently, the media was full of news about a report by Stanford University analyzing 237 studies that said there were not necessarily any more nutrients in organic versus conventionally grown foods.

Beneath the Headlines

Organics Study Buried Key Findings
By Dave Lawrence

In September, a research team led by Dena Bravata and Crystal Smith-Spangler of Stanford University published a paper in the Annals of Internal Medicine that set the media ablaze with its contrarian punch line: organically grown foods are no healthier than their conventionally grown counterparts.

The Lemon Lady

Nuts About Nuts: No Such Thing as One Pistachio

World Champion Spinach!

It’s a popcorn match. The fans are boo-ing. SpongeBob is no match for Popeye the Sailor. It’s going to be a slam-dunk preceded by humiliatin’ flips and flops on the mat for the yellow guy. The Sponge has been to the sugar shack, sucking up bubbles and junk food, whereas the vanquisher, Popeye, has been gulping down spinach. And we all know spinach makes you super-duper-strong and your arm mus-kles go “Boing!”