The Rub on Spices

spicesFor thousands of years, spices have been sought after for their flavor, medicinal qualities, status, and novelty. And while spices no longer inspire the kind of exploration, trade, and wars they did in the 15th Century, researchers are now finding a different kind of value in these substances. Many spices and herbs, from cinnamon to oregano, cumin to turmeric, have high nutritional value and pack an antioxidant punch.

Anaheim Chili Pepper

anaheim pepper

Anaheim peppers are versatile, mild chili peppers that can be used to make chile rellenos; stuffed and baked as you would bell peppers; sliced and sautéed (or roasted) and added to sauces, salsas, rice dishes, or stir-frys; minced fresh and added to salads and soups; or stirred in with sour cream as a topping for baked potatoes, tacos, etc.

Fried Sweet Peppers

Serrano Pepper

serrano-transThese spicy chili peppers have a kick to 'em! Serranos are one of the most commonly used peppers in Mexican cuisine. Typically hotter than jalapeños, they are ideal for fresh salsa and guacamole, as they are fleshier than many hot peppers, but they also shine in marinades and chilis.

CAUTION: Serrano seeds add more heat, so keep ’em in if you like things hot!

Jalapeño Peppers Stuffed 3 Ways

stuffed-jalapenos-transCourtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop

Jalapeño Peppers are a hopping hot pepper, but mellow when cooked, making stuffed peppers an awesome summer appetizer. Class recipes wrap the peppers in bacon—dairy and meats complement the spiciness particularly well. Below are some yummy, cheese-based stuffings for baked jalapeños.

Red Carmagnola Bell Peppers

Cubanelle Peppers

Cayenne Pepper

Bulgarian Carrot Pepper

Bull's Horn Pepper