What’s in Season January 2013

Here’s a preview from The FruitGuys regional produce buyers of the fresh fruits and vegetables being harvested in January by some of our farms. To see what’s being delivered in your box this week, visit fruitguys.com/mix and choose your region.

The Last Pixie Show

Fifth-Generation Family Farm: Friend's Ranch

Tony (third generation) packs Pixies.

Friend’s Ranch in Ojai, CA, is a regular supplier of Pixie tangerines for The FruitGuys. The Friend family and its descendants (now into its fifth generation of family farming) have been growing fruit in Ojai since the 1880s and tangerines since the 1920s—one of the first California farms to do so.

Seedless Citrus

Q: Why do some citrus have seeds and some don’t?

To find out, The FruitGuys asked Emily Thacher Ayala, farmer at Friends’ Ranch in Ojai, CA (Ventura County).

Friends’ grows Pixies, not the fairies, but the little seedless tangerines that everybody loves, plus other great citrus such as Tahoe Golds, W. Murcotts, and Yosemite Golds.

A: Same reason some people can have lots of babies and others can’t.