Daikon Radish

Duho! The Donut Peach

Don't be afraid - this is not Homer Simpson's donut. This donut is not fried or powdered or sugared. It's not meant to be dunked or hoarded or stuffed into some flour-covered, winking-baker's cardboard box. It's not made out of dough (or Duho!) but grown on a tree. Every year in early June, Dan heads south and east from the Bay Area searching for the perfect Donut Peach. As he climbs up across the Pacheco Pass and guides his truck into the flat lands of central California, he keeps his eyes peeled. It must be his keen fruit vision that works like superhero infrared, allowing him to pick out this squat and roundish target straight from the field.

Sweet as Ataulfo Honey March 5, 2007

When I first heard someone say "Ataulfo!" I nearly said "Gesundheit." The Ataulfo mango is sometimes referred to as the Champagne Mango. And it makes me think of that line from the Van Morrison song: "She's as sweet as Tupelo honey," except I sing it as: "She's as sweet as Ataulfo honey-mango." It generally annoys everyone in the vicinity of my voice. Nonetheless, the mango is sweet like a love song.

And now for something completely different February 12, 2007

It's mid-winter and I feel like I need a carnival side show to keep me motivated. "See the 12-foot-tall Giraffe Man who eats leaves from the tops of trees! Dare to pet the terrifying, two-headed, sharp-toothed Bunny Boy of doom." It seems we all need something to distract us from the February blues. That's why we've put Alligator Pears in the crates this week.
Come see the amazing Alligator Pear!
Yes, Ladies and gentlemen - step right up to see the Alligator Pear (aka The Avocado). Why, you may ask, are we putting an avocado in the crate this week? Avocados are fruits and although we have never included them in our mix before, we thought we would try it for a week and see if you like them.

Mother and Child Reunion November 6, 2006

Apple trees are one of the greatest propagators of new varieties in the fruit world. The Arkansas Black apple is thought to be a sport or chimera (an offshoot from the originating tree) of a Winesap tree found in Benton County, Arkansas in 1870. This week we are featuring this mother and child reunion in all of our conventional crates - fresh from Chris Bierwagen at Bierwagen's farm in the foothills outside of Grass Valley.

Arkansas Black Apples, October 31, 2005

Let-Goa My Feijoa!

You may be saying: "What are those oval shaped green things with little fronds on the ends?" They are called Feijoas. Anyone who knows Melanie, one of our superstar sales people at The FruitGuys, knows that her favorite fruit is the Feijoa. She's been asking me for the last 3 months when we are going to get Feijoa's. Melanie lived in New Zealand. She claims that Feijoa's in that region of the world grow in backyards and can get as large as a hand, if not larger.
My experience with California Feijoa's is that they tend to show up in slightly smaller sizes than: "the Feijoa who ate Finland".
How to eat the Feijoa.