Why is the skin loose and puffy on some of my tangerines?

Satsuma Mandarin

What's in Season December 2013

Here’s a preview from The FruitGuys regional produce buyers of the fresh fruits and vegetables being harvested in December by some of our farms. To see what’s being delivered in your box this week, visit fruitguys.com/mix and choose your region.


Customer Service Answers Some Fruit Quality Questions

Fruit Quality Grab Bag

Winter can bring some challenges to keeping fruit at the appropriate temperatures during transport. Our buyers, packers, and delivery people do their best to keep fruit protected from extreme temperature exposure. But if your fruit ever doesn't look right, please give us a call at 1-877-FRUIT-ME (877-378-4863) and we will make it right for you. Our job here at The FruitGuys is to keep you happy.

Here are answers to some fruit quality questions:

Citrus & Radish Salad


satsumasSatsumas - the  little darlings of the citrus season are here. When you squeeze their pudgy little baby cheeks and exclaim "Oy!' This little guy is an old soul!" No, no, no - Satsumas often have a soft and puffy peel when fully ripe, so don't miss out on their juicy sweetness.

FruitGuy Noir: Satsuma Rainbow

The Book of Citrus

Jonathan Sauer, in his book Historical Geography of Crop Plants: A Select Roster, notes that, “Almost nothing is certain about the natural geography and ecology of truly wild citrus. Both the distribution and genetics of the genus have been drastically modified in Asia by human intervention.”   Citrus is believed to have originated somewhere in Southeast Asia or Southern China but it has naturally evolved and hybridized itself so that it is hard to find its pure roots.  Generally speaking, however, there are some  types of citrus that have emerged over time into distinct groups.

Profile: Chaffin Family Orchards

Chaffin Family OrchardsOroville, CA - Oroville is a gold rush town in Butte County, CA.  Oro means gold in Spanish, and during the Gold Rush prospectors stampeded over the area in a greedy frenzy.   When Del Chaffin came to the area, he was looking for riches of a different kind—a valley where he could grow crops year-round.

A Fruitful Holiday Season