Winter Citrus Salad

Fruit Fairy Fa-La-La-La-La


Lots of magic going on out there this time of year. It’s a veritable traffic jam of elves, animated snowmen, flying reindeer, and fairies. The Fruit Fairy has been promoting her “Fruit not Candy” campaign using some rather mischievous methods. If you haven’t seen the news coverage of the Fruit Fairy’s pranks, we’ve made a little collection for you:

Pink Page Reviews: Pineapple Princess

Satsuma Mandarin


satsumasSatsumas - the  little darlings of the citrus season are here. When you squeeze their pudgy little baby cheeks and exclaim "Oy!' This little guy is an old soul!" No, no, no - Satsumas often have a soft and puffy peel when fully ripe, so don't miss out on their juicy sweetness.

FruitGuy Noir: Satsuma Rainbow

I’m Just a Bill

FruitGuy Noir: Citrus Rules