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Gravenstein Farmers Get Cash Money

Buy a Box; Save an Apple

New Family Farm

new family farm 

New Family Farm of Sebastopol, California, was one of six farms awarded grants in April 2013 from The FruitGuys Community Fund, a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives. An outgrowth of the company’s Farm Steward Program, the Community Fund gives resources to small farms for sustainable agriculture projects that contribute to environmental and economic health.

Hale’s Apple Farm

In Fall, you can’t miss the explosion of roadside color that is Hale’s Apple Farm as you drive along Route 116 just north of Sebastopol, CA. The riot of piles of brilliant gourds can cause the unwary traveler to swerve. Best pull over for a better look. Orange and white pumpkins of all sizes; butternut, acorn, speckled swans, and turban squash are all artfully draped in trees or applied as humorous accents to antique farm equipment in front of the picture-perfect redwood barn.

Gabriel Farm 2.0

How about a U-Pick CSA?

There is such a thing as too much love. Lucy and Torrey Olson’s Gabriel Farm in Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma County) was one of the few U-Pick apple farms in the San Francisco Bay Area. People loved to come pick Fuji apples, persimmons, and blackberries at the Olson's lovely 14-acre organic family farm.

Great Gravenstein! This Heirloom Apple has a Story to Tell

Joe has his hands in his pockets, rocking heel to toe gazing into a crate of Gravenstein apples. Barbara Walker, who operates the Walker Apples’ booth, listens to Joe with full attention whilst her arms move like an octopus, weighing and bagging apples, making change, and nodding to other customers. Joe is a 70-year-old gent in a collared shirt, with spare pens in his pocket. He picks up a green Gravenstein apple, turns it over in his working man's hands like a crystal ball as his hat brim dips and shades his face.

It Takes a Village: California Town Saves Heirloom Apple

Lifetime Contribution to Sonoma County Agriculture