Hay Fever

hay-fieldThe severe drought that California and the west is suffering is the worst in more than a hundred years.  It’s so bad that in February, President Obama pledged $183 million in federal funds for drought relief programs. Ranchers, who rely on the rains to grow grass on which  to pasture their animals, have been especially hard-hit.

Perspectives on Drought Part 1: Alexis Robertson of Skyelark Ranch

sheep2-skyelark Image courtesy of Skyelark Ranch, Brooks CA

Recently, California’s growers and water districts approached Governor Jerry Brown to declare California in a state of drought. It has been one of the driest winters on record and the state’s reservoirs, snow pack, streams and rivers have been greatly depleted. Here in the valley we are holding our breath anxiously anticipating the start of the rainy season. We hope that it will come quickly and quench the sunbaked hills.