Yosemite Gold Rush

Prospecting for gold always makes me hungry. Panning for flakes gets me thinking about crispy corn cereal and managing a sluice box always leaves me craving a juice box. It’s been a long time since anyone struck a million dollar nugget, but The FruitGuys are serving up something for West Coast customers to stake their claims on this week—Yosemite Gold Mandarins from Friend’s Ranch, in Ojai, CA. And don’t worry about getting double-crossed and having your claim jumped by some varmint, Yosemite Gold is the product of a famous TRIPLE cross between Tangor, Encore, and Dancy mandarin varieties. They are fairly large, seedless and typically very easy to peel, but watch out for the juice! We guarantee your taste buds will strike it rich with each golden section you pop into your mouth.