Apples for All

To satisfy the sharp desire I had / Of tasting those fair apples, I resolved / Not to defer; hunger and thirst at once / Powerful persuaders, quicken'd at the scent / Of that alluring fruit, urged me so keen.
—John Milton, Paradise Lost

Like most things of value in this world, apples seem simple on the surface: peel, flesh, core, seeds. But look deeper and their complexities become apparent.

The Budding System

The first time I went to a Scion Exchange I didn't know what to expect—was it a science fiction convention? As I drew nearer I saw people entering the building with little sticks under their arms—was it some sect of Wicca? The Wicker Wiccan maybe? But no, a Scion Exchange is where farmers and home gardeners bring twig cuttings from their best fruit and nut trees to swap so others may grow heirloom varieties. The requirements are simple: bring some, take some, and make notes.