I’m Dreaming of a White Solstice...

By Gretchen Baywhite-peaches-trans

As the summer solstice draws nigh, visions of beautiful white orbs are starting to dance in the minds of fruit lovers everywhere. Are these spheres celestial bodies, aligning for the dawn of a new season? No! They’re delicious white peaches and nectarines that have started appearing in The FruitGuys’ fruit crates!

July Field Notes from Riverdog Farm

Tale of a Scientist Farmer

Ed Magee spends his days thinking about sunlight. When he isn’t working on his  38-acre orchard of white peaches and nectarines in Vernalis, California, he’s in a  lab studying the energy of electrons. This scientist-farmer’s day job aids NASA  researchers in determining the elemental mix of stars. Ed is a scientist through  and through and he takes a very measured and managed approach to his farming  as well. Not only do they prune their trees to reach a shorter height of between  6 and 8 feet for easier picking but they also believe that by not treating their soil  with nitrogen during the growing season their trees work harder to produce more  sugar for their fruit.

Cats and Peaches

Good Morning Starshine

Here are two things that I secretly wish sometimes:

1. That interpretative dance was an acceptable way to start a company meeting.

2. That I hadn’t tried to leap from my desk and spin on the floor as a way to explain the key components of customer service.

Since I’ve tried #1 and twisted my back on #2 (you can see my interpretive dance moves in the banana suit on YouTube), I’m going to update you about farmer and scientist Ed Magee.