Winter on the Farm

Giving Thanks

Farming In Frost

Image courtesy of Full Belly Farm, Guinda CA

As the weather warms and dries a little in February and March, it’s easy to think that spring has arrived and therefore the warm weather crops should be close behind. But the delay from the green house or the field to your FarmShare is 2- 3 months or more. Some of the leanest months for produce are in early spring, especially in a year as cold as this one.

What Does a Farmer Do in December?

By Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop

Each season on the farm has its own tempo. The harvest overwhelms everyone’s attention for most of the year. The lambing season in February is another high point. Paperwork and regulatory reports flood through the door at year’s end. Animal chores are a constant every day of the year. What are the Full Belly farmers doing during the next couple of months?

Winter Work: How Farmers Finish up the Year

What does winter weather mean for you? A change in work wardrobe from grey to black? From seersucker to faux fur? Maybe a change in your bike commute? We contacted two of the farmers we work with to find out how the approaching winter affects their work.

On the west coast, we spoke with Torrey Olson of Gabriel Farm in Sebastopol, CA [N 38 ° & W 122 °] who supplies us with a wide assortment of Asian Pear varieties, Fuji Apples, and Fuyu Persimmons.