Why am I seeing so many oranges and apples in my crate right now?

apples-orangesQ: Why am I seeing so many oranges and apples in my crate right now?

A: Late winter and early spring is the main harvest time for oranges, mandarins, tangelos, and other wonderful citrus. The apples and pears currently available were mostly harvested in the fall and have been cold-stored to preserve their great taste. We always try to feature the best fruits of the season in your mixes, and this time of year offers the most delicious citrus and apples.

Fruit Fairy Fa-La-La-La-La


Lots of magic going on out there this time of year. It’s a veritable traffic jam of elves, animated snowmen, flying reindeer, and fairies. The Fruit Fairy has been promoting her “Fruit not Candy” campaign using some rather mischievous methods. If you haven’t seen the news coverage of the Fruit Fairy’s pranks, we’ve made a little collection for you:

Pink Page Reviews: Pineapple Princess

What’s in Season January 2013

Here’s a preview from The FruitGuys regional produce buyers of the fresh fruits and vegetables being harvested in January by some of our farms. To see what’s being delivered in your box this week, visit fruitguys.com/mix and choose your region.

Gimme a C for Citrus!

When I was 15 I had two secret wishes: first to become a ninja, second to be an astronaut. As I was already practicing my throwing-stars and rubber nunchucks skills in the backyard, I decided to join the Civil Air Patrol (aka C.A.P.) I had a plan and it involved packing my young resume with the "right stuff" as a ploy to get my local congressman in Pennsylvania to sign off on my impending application to the Air Force Academy. I would finally realize my dream of becoming the first ninja-astronaut in space. After two months in C.A.P. of standing at attention, about-facing, and polishing my boots, we went on a day trip to practice our bivouacking skills.