ACA Gives Office Wellness A Wake-Up Call

California Fit Business Awards

Last call!


The deadline for the California Fit Business Award is one week away. The Task Force on Workplace Wellness wants to award organizations that are improving their employee’s health and well being through Workplace Wellness programs. There are separate categories for company size. Previous winners, like Shield Health Care, reported getting ideas of ways to improve their Wellness programs from the application.

Healthy Work Habits


What does this term Workplace Wellness mean? Workplace Wellness is an employer policy that has been moving into the forefront of our work-a-day life. More companies, of all sizes, are implementing programs that benefit their employees well-being, and of course their bottom line. Workplace Wellness programs represent a great handshake between ROI for companies and long lasting health benefits for all participants.

The Fountain of Fruit

Day 26: The marsh of cubicles has cursed our party. We lost Lenny two days ago to the gurgling fried dough found in the quicksand pits of a budget planning meeting. Sue has been eating the native flora of bundt cake that grows wildly here and drinking soda like it was stagnant stump water. Her lethargy is so bad now that we had to build a makeshift sled out of paper towels, binder clips and copy paper. We dragged her through an area that Ponce said was called “accounting.” The locals didn’t attack but spoke a language of debits and credits that nearly drove us mad.

Day 27:   Ponce rescued Sue from the copy machine. We think she is only temporarily blinded. New rule: don’t copy your face without protective eye gear.

Workplace Wellness Focus - Firefighters

Fit Business Challenge