Straight From The Farmer - The Growing Club – Sarvodaya Farm

The Growing Club – Sarvodaya Farm, a nonprofit educational farming program in Pomona, CA, produces organically-grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and pasture raised eggs on an acre that is made up of 3 suburban farm sites. Their CSA is currently supporting 25 low-income members. In addition, Farmer Trainees learn to manage the entire farm operation, including nursery planting, maintenance, field plantings, pest management, livestock care, and irrigation setup and maintenance. Their $4,996 grant will help establish four California Native perennial hedgerows.

Straight From The Farmer - Blackhawk Courts Farm and Garden

Blackhawk Courts Farm and Garden is a ½-acre community-led organic farm and community garden on the grounds of Rockford Housing Authority (RHA) Blackhawk Courts public housing property in Rockford, IL. The farm program engages youth and adult apprentices in educational programming and on-site markets. They sell produce grown on the farm through a 44-member, 10- and 5-week CSA, on- and off-site farm stands, and “We-Pick Wednesday” events, where community members are able to come to the farm and we pick their vegetable selections fresh.

Straight From The Farmer - Songbird

Songbird Farm, a 13-acre farm in Unity, ME, grows certified organic mixed vegetables, small grains and stone ground flour that is primarily sold wholesale to a distributor, direct to natural food stores, and through a CSA. Their $2966 grant will allow them to build a rainwater catchment system on a 40-foot barn with a metal roof. The system will provide approximately 1000 gallons of water for every inch of rain, enough water to irrigate their two 100 foot high tunnels and potentially even more open ground.

Straight From The Farmer - Byars Family Farms

Byars Family Farms, a 5-acre farm in Southern Oklahoma within the Chickasaw Nation, grows 12 different varieties of vegetables that are sold at farmers markets, their farm stand, and a wholesale account. They accept USDA SNAP benefits for the purchase of produce and seedling plants. Their $5,000 grant will allow them to build a hoop house and fund a mulch layer. The hoop house will extend the growing season and provide a space to grow transplants for SNAP participants. The mulch layer will increase yields of produce by concentrating heat, water, and nourishment.

Straight From The Farmer - Urban Tree Connection

Urban Tree Connection – Neighborhood Foods Farm, a non-profit organization in the Haddington neighborhood of West Philadelphia, PA supports community-led land reclamation projects that build capacity for food sovereignty. Neighborhood Foods Farm is located on a formerly abandoned 3⁄4 acre lot. Since 2010, they have grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs without harmful chemical inputs at little to no cost for community members, producing more than 12,000 pounds of food annually.

The FruitGuys Straight From The Farmer - Chicago Patchwork Farms

Chicago Patchwork Farms is a no-till, organic, and bio-intensive ½ acre urban farm in Chicago, IL. They produce mainly vegetables, eggs, medicinal herbs, preserved foods, honey, cut flowers, and a compost drop-off program. Twice a week, they host a 50 member sliding scale CSA pickup, and a pay-what-you-can farm stand.

Growing Food is Magic at FARM Davis | The FruitGuys Farm Stories

Farm Davis, a FruitGuys Community Fund farm, believes food is a human right, and growing it is "magic." #SmallFarmsBigImpacts

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Devoto Gardens & Orchards | The FruitGuys Farm Stories

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FARM Davis — 2016 Alumni

Learn how 2016 grantee FARM Davis uses its grant to grow crops that feed local low-income and homeless community members.

Turtle Creek Gardens - 2016 Alumni

Turtle Creek Gardens is an 18-acre farm in Delavan, WI. Their $5,000 grant allowed them to construct swales to mitigate rainwater runoff from a neighboring conventional farm and prevent rainwater flooding on interior areas. The swales were planted with grasses, forbs, perennials, and marketable crops.