The Brightest Snack for Winter Days

Don’t be alarmed by this fruit’s blood-red interior. The taste is excellent—think orange with a tart hint of berry.

Fruitful Halloween Treats

Make this a healthy Halloween with fruitful pumpkins and ghost treats! Great for an office or classroom party snack.

The Asian Pear 3 WAYS - The FruitGuys

The crisp and refreshing Asian pear is a delicious foundation for a healthy snack. Tune in for three ways to eat this nutritious fruit! 

The Healthy & Cooling Watermelon Salad

Looking for a summertime potluck favorite or an easy recipe to keep you cool during hot days? Try making this refreshing watermelon and mango salad!


The Best Freezer Jam Recipe - The FruitGuys

You don't have to be a canning whiz to preserve the fresh taste of summer fruit. Freezer jam is easy to make. Tune in to learn how!

Lunch of the Week: Blood Orange Salad Recipe

Looking for a fruitful twist on lunch? Try our blood orange, radicchio, and avocado salad. Healthy, fresh, and delicious!


The Vanilla Roasted White Peach Recipe

Enjoy all of the goodness of pie without the crust and try this sweet and juicy peach recipe!

Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding!

Use the small, but mighty blueberry to sweeten a homemade chia seed pudding!

The White Peach and Heirloom Salad Recipe - The FruitGuys

Although white peaches are delightful to eat out of hand, they're divine when combined with fresh summer ingredients! Tune in for this quick summer salad recipe. Using all fresh ingredients, the flavors shine.


The Quick and Easy Recipe for Homemade Dill Pickles

Cucumbers belong to the plant family Cucurbitaceae, technically making them a fruit! While they are crunchy and delicious when fresh, they're commonly enjoyed pickled. Try this quick recipe for your own homemade batch!