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As the industry leader in fresh fruit delivery to offices, The FruitGuys mission is to help grow healthy companies and bring smart snacking into the workplace. We pioneered the “fruit at work” concept in San Francisco in 1998 to help companies provide healthy options to employees during their workday. And to us, that means not only delivering delicious, farm-fresh fruit to offices, but helping employees make better, healthier choices through the well-researched nutrition, fitness, and office culture coverage we provide in our fruit box newsletters and online blog, The FruitGuys Magazine.

As an antidote to the information overload most of us face daily, we want to engage your sensory receptors with easily digestible graphical renditions of our editorial coverage.
In other words: pretty pictures.

We hope you enjoy! Please send any feedback or suggestions about our Infographics page to Have an extremely engaging day.


Field Guide to Fruit Colors

A potent primer on the power of pigment.

Fruit comes in a multitude of beautiful colors, from pale yellow to deep purple. Aesthetics aside, the pigments that color fruit offer numerous health benefits and provide a variety of nutrients that help protect the body and improve its various functions, such as circulation, digestion, and healing. Eating fruit every day can improve overall wellness and even boost levels of happiness
Explore this field guide to learn where fruit colors come from and how they can impact your health. We've also included several prep tips and fruit hacks to help expedite your experience!




Creating a Culture of Health

New Era outlines the components of overall wellness in the workplace.

From financial well-being to mental and physical health, New Era Cap Company has mapped out a holistic wellness program that keeps its employees and business operating at 110%.

The program focuses on areas of total well-being (such as stress reduction and the importance of sleep) and offers employees flex time for volunteer opportunities throughout the year to build community involvement and support.

Program components include onsite yoga and massages; an onsite fitness center; clean, purified drinking water; standing desks; tuition reimbursement; and, of course, farm-fresh fruit delivered weekly by The FruitGuys.

Read on for more about how this program's holistic education and culture initiatives help keep employees happy, healthy, and productive.




GoodWorks Annual Report

Here's what we achieved together in 2015

Your business with us supports small, independent, and family-run farms. Our Community Fund provides grants to small farms and agricultural nonprofits for sustainability projects that have a large positive impact on the environment, local food systems, and farm diversity. 
Your business also helps us fight hunger via weekly fruit donations to food banks and other nonprofits across the country serving hungry populations. Through the generosity of our clients, our Donate-a-Crate program allows FruitGuys customers to "fruit it forward" when their offices are closed or understaffed over holidays or any time of year.
Thank you for your business—please enjoy our 2015 GoodWorks Annual Report (includes an interactive version!).




Nature’s Candy

Why fruit is becoming the trendiest office snack.

No one is trying to take away your treats. We at The FruitGuys enjoy a delicious, sugary morsel as much as the next guy (in moderation, of course). But there is a real benefit to the natural sweetness contained in a piece of fresh fruit. And unlike most artifically sugary morsels, the vitamins, nutrients, and fiber in fruit are not only wrapped up in a delicious self-contained package, they provide a natural energy boost without the inevitable spike and crash caused by the intake of refined sugar.

Most fruit contains powerful antioxidants that can help protect against heart disease and reduce the risk of cancer. Its natural fiber aids in digestion (#colonhealth), and its high water content keeps you happy and hydrated. Plus, it's really dang yummy.

We hope you enjoy our infographic about "nature's candy" and that it inspires you to add more fresh fruit to your diet.



Our GoodWorks Program

Find out why our customers are fruit heroes.

The FruitGuys GoodWorks Program, powered in part by our customers' purchases, works to fight hunger with fruit donations to those in need and supports sustainable agriculture and small farms through our nonprofit, The FruitGuys Community Fund, a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives.

From helping independent farmers to feeding hungry communities, our GoodWorks program gives back From Seed to Need. Learn what impact we've had and how you can get involved!



A Fruitful Workplace

Here's how and why to eat right at the office.

An apple a day does more than keep the doctor away. Aside from being good for the waistline, replacing unhealthy snacks in the office with farm-fresh fruit and other healthy items, such as nuts or trail mix, can help improve mental clarity and decrease burnout. It's also great for combating stress!

Developing good eating habits in the workplace reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. It's more than just food for thought.