Squash Blossom

squash-blossom-lgDelectable squash blossoms are simply the delicate, edible flowers from squash plants, such as zucchini. They are typically available in the summer months, and have a light, floral flavor reminiscent of the squash itself.

Preparation Tips

They are often served as an appetizer—either battered and fried, or stuffed with cheese and sautéed in olive oil. The simplest way to use them is to gently roll them up (keeping them long) and slice them in ribbons to toss with salads, sprinkle on pasta or risotto, or add to quesadillas, eggs, pasta sauces, or soups.

Storage Tips

Squash blossoms are extremely perishable and should be used as soon as possible. If you must store them, place them in a paper towel–lined plastic bag in the fridge for a day or two.
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