World Environment Day 2015

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World Environment Day, celebrated each year on June 5, was started by the United Nations in 1972 as a campaign to raise awareness about the environment and encourage a positive impact on the planet. Every year, the U.N. selects a theme and slogan for World Environment Day to center its efforts around. This year’s theme focuses on responsible management of the planet’s natural resources, with the slogan: “Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume With Care.”

Since its start in 1998, The FruitGuys has worked hard to make eco-friendly choices—such as packing our farm-fresh fruit in reusable, compostable boxes constructed of 75–100% post-consumer recycled content and printed with biodegradable soy-based inks—and to support sustainable farming practices.

In 2012, we created the nonprofit The FruitGuys Community Fund (a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives) to provide grants to small, independent farms for sustainability projects. Learn more about The FruitGuys Community Fund at

Did you know that in most areas, your empty fruit box can be retrieved by your delivery person and returned to us to reuse? Some of our customers also find ways to recycle our boxes at the office. We’ve received feedback that our large fruit crates make handy storage boxes for file folders—they’re the perfect size! And the boxes with dividers are great for packing or storing delicate items like cups, glasses, knickknacks, or ornaments.

Do you reuse our boxes? If so, let us know how on Facebook ( We’d also love to hear your favorite eco-friendly tips and tricks on how to keep the office green.

To find out if box pick-ups are available in your area, just email us at or call Customer Service at 1-877-FRUIT-ME (877-378-4863) and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Happy World Environment Day from The FruitGuys!


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