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Healthy Snacks Delivered To Your Office


It’s 3 o’clock. Lunch was hours ago and your team’s energy is falling. It’s time for a snack. Rather than providing candy bars and salty chips, imagine healthy snacks available right in the breakroom.

Studies show that healthy eating leads to better productivity and a happier workplace. When choosing snacks, consumers want variety, according to the Nielsen Global Snacking Report. Now you can provide a variety of healthy snacks for the office. 

Healthier Employees, Happier Workplace, Increased Productivity

Perks—like healthful snacks at work—show you care about your employees’ health and well-being. As a result, they feel appreciated and are more loyal. Loyalty leads to less turnover and a greater likelihood to recommend you as a great place to work.

Make it easy for your employees to grab a delicious and nutritious snack. With The FruitGuys Healthy Office Snack Delivery, you get custom-made blends like:

  • Just Almonds
  • Seasoned Nuts
  • Granola
  • Jumbo Rainbow Raisins
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Trail Blazer Mix
  • Fruit & Nut Medley

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What's inside With Your Healthy Snack Office Delivery

Your employees will enjoy a custom blend of 150-165 healthy, tasty snacks. All snacks have real, pronounceable ingredients that are high in protein and fiber and no/low/natural sugar. 

Countertop Display caddy - holds 20 one-ounce bags so employees can grab and go
Healthy Snack Assortments - choose 120 or 240 servings depending upon office size. You can also select a 160 servings of a single snack blend.
Order with Fruit or as Separate Delivery - combine with your regular The FruitGuys fruit delivery or set a different schedule depending upon your office snack needs. 

How It Works

Choose Your Snack Box Size - For an assortment of snacks, select 120 or 240 single servings. For a single snack blend, select 160 servings.
Choose Your Delivery Schedule - we offer flexible delivery up to 5 times a week, weekly, every two weeks and monthly. You can easily add to your FruitGuys fruit delivery or set a separate schedule.
Call Us at 1-877-FRUIT-ME (877-614-7310) - and we’ll take care of the rest.

We ship throughout the continental U.S. 
Call us at 1-877-FRUIT-ME (877-378-4863) if your office is located in: AZ, CO, ID, KS, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, WA, or WY. For all other states, orders can be placed via our website.