The Days of Our Earth

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"Like Fruit in the FruitGuys crate, we see the changing of the seasons, because these are the days of our earth!" Organ music plays dramatically as we fade in on peaches and a handful of apricots in a FruitGuys Crate. The apricots are crying.
Peach: "What's up little apri-pups?"
Apricots: "Last week when my brothers and sisters were delivered to offices some people called and said that they were upset because the apricots were . . . that they were . . . smallllll. Whaaaaa."
Peach: "Apricots, don't cry. You guys are meant to be smaller than other stone fruits. That's just the way you are."
Apricots: (Sniffling.) "Really?"
Peach: "Sure. Didn't you ever listen to the wind? It isn't the size of your fruit that makes you great. It's your taste. And you are tasty because the summer sun itself kissed you full of beta-carotene and sweetness. Plus, The FruitGuys put more of you in the crate to make up for your size. I'm proud to call you my little cousins."
Apricots: (Happier now.) "Who else is in our family tree Uncle Peach?"
Peach: "There are many different varieties in the peach family, each with unique tastes. Our taste comes from the balance of sugars and acids and each variety has a different balance and a different harvest date. Peaches are a great way to map summer's weekly seasonal changes. You may find different peaches in The FruitGuys crate each week. You can find out who they are here."
Apricots: "Are we just prone to gloominess? Sometimes I'm in the pits."
Peach: "We are stone fruits. The pit, or stone, contains a seed. All of us have one. Peach fruit that is woven into the pit is called "cling." Fruit that has less fiber woven into the pit is called "semi-cling." And fruit that is free of the pit is called "free-stone." Most of our early summer cousins are cling peaches."
Apricot: "So yo're happy to be a peach?"
Peach: "Little guy, I'm cling of the world!"
Enjoy and be fruitful!
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