SmileSnack Activity Breaks

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Turn your desk into an individual wellness station with SmileSnack

Taking regular breaks for brief activities during the day helps improve your focus and productivity.  We suggest:

Eye breaks:  20-20-20

Set a timer for every 20 minutes. Stand up  and focus on something across the room  for 20  seconds. Sit down and close eyes  for 20 seconds.

Quick Desk Stretches:  Once an hour do these 3 quick stretches

  1. Neck roll.  Drop chin to chest and  breathe; slowly roll to left, right, back to  center, then all the way around.
  2. Open chest. Sit at edge of chair, hold  sides, gently stretch forward, lifting up  and opening chest; breathe.
  3. Leg wake-up. While sitting in a chair,  stretch legs straight out and rotate ankles  and feet.
    (NOTE: If any stretches hurt, stop immediately.)

Afternoon energy crash?  Move for 5 minutes

Walk; use the stairs; do squats or deep knee  bends; touch your toes and reach for the sky.

Take a tech break
While eating a meal or snack,  don’t surf the web, email, or  return calls.

Want to know more?  Articles on how to  sit less at workfind the right pedometer, what to ask a personal trainer, and more wellness resources in our Fitness section.

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