Big impacts for hungry people and small farms
February 24, 2016
The FruitGuys donated more than 1.3 million servings of produce directly to those in need during 2015, a new record for the South San Francisco–based company. Nearly 700,000 pounds of fruit and produce were given to food banks and charities that help the hungry in the San Francisco, Los Angeles,...
How to send fruit to those in need
October 28, 2015
It’s not often that a company gives its clients the chance to help those in need by enabling them to donate their purchases directly to charity. That is exactly what The FruitGuys Donate-a-Crate program does: instead of canceling an order when an office will be closed for a holiday, any client of...
Grantee farms progress on solar, soil, and pleasing pollinators
September 9, 2015
Reduced carbon footprints and record numbers of pollinators are just a couple highlights of the early results farms are reporting as a result of the agriculture sustainability grants they received earlier this year from The FruitGuys Community Fund. The eight grantee farms chosen were awarded...
Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care.
June 5, 2015
World Environment Day, celebrated each year on June 5, was started by the United Nations in 1972 as a campaign to raise awareness about the environment and encourage a positive impact on the planet. Every year, the U.N. selects a theme and slogan for World Environment Day to center its efforts...
Grants awarded to small sustainable farms
April 23, 2015
The FruitGuys Community Fund, a nonprofit fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives, will award small American farms and agricultural nonprofits a total of $35,643 in 2015 for sustainability projects intended to have a positive impact on the environment, local food systems, and farm...
From bats and bees to soil and hedgerows, The FruitGuys Community Fund Class of 2014 reports on its projects
February 24, 2015
The FruitGuys Community Fund, a nonprofit fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives, awarded small farms and agricultural nonprofits $30,000 in 2014 for sustainability projects intended to have a positive impact on the environment, local food systems, and farm diversity. The recipients...
2014 GoodWorks annual report
January 27, 2015
Since the company’s inception, giving back has been part of The FruitGuys mission. In 1998, we started donating fresh produce to local charities to provide healthy food to those who might not otherwise have access to it. Today, The FruitGuys GoodWorks program supports people, projects, and good...
FruitGuys volunteers help pack more than 2,700 food boxes for seniors
October 2, 2014
Two enthusiastic teams from The FruitGuys South San Francisco office volunteered on consecutive Fridays at our local San Francisco-Marin Food Bank last month. Our groups helped pack more than 2,700 food boxes for seniors as part of the Food Bank’s Home-Delivered Groceries program, providing home...
July 7, 2014
Welcome to the newsletter archive for The FruitGuys Community Fund, a nonprofit fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives. We support farms, farmers, and policies that allow for greater environmental and economic health. Small Farms Get a Hand July 2014
The FruitGuys Community Fund
July 1, 2014
The FruitGuys Community Fund helps farmers to implement the most innovative and ecologically sustainable farm management practices available to preserve and enhance the quality of the farmland and surrounding landscape while respecting farmers' autonomy and need to make a living. Our farmers and...


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